New Favorites: from Marie Wallin’s Lakeland

New Favorites: from Marie Wallin's Lakeland 2

These patterns published in July, part of Marie Wallin’s Lakeland: Collection Two, when the plaids and tweeds and windswept English countryside looked soooo appealing, but it was difficult to imagine ever donning a woolly jumper. That was then, this is now, and I’m coveting these sweaters:

TOP: Derwent is a chunky, heavily cabled, drop-shoulder cardigan-jacket, roomy enough to be worn over a plaid suit, apparently. I love the neckline in particular.

BOTTOM: I fantasize about knitting allover fair isle someday, and a two-color jobbie like Windermere is possible to imagine working into my actual wardrobe.

Now if only I could download them instantly like it’s 2014. “Dear Rowan — You don’t know me but my name is Karen, and all I want for Christmas is for every Rowan-related pattern ever to be available for individual download …”



– Hot on the heels of Knit Wit, Pom Pom and Taproot, the second issues of both TAC and Trouvé have arrived — and they look pretty dreamy. As always, there’s a peek inside on each of their shop pages.

– The Japanese thread snips are back!

– I’ll have another small number of Fringe Supply Project Bags this week (the rest of what was meant to be my pre-Thanksgiving batch), and will be sending an alert to the shop mailing list only. So if you want to know when they’re available, make sure you’re on the list! (Sign-up box is in the upper right corner of the shop.) I expect to have one more small batch before Christmas, as will the three stockists.


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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: from Marie Wallin’s Lakeland

  1. “Dear Rowan…” made me laugh. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought the same thing! Love that Windermere sweater, two-color colorwork is so elegant.

  2. I’m thinking that the next KAL you do should definitely be a fair isle/colour-work one!

  3. Dear Rowan – you are missing out on a lot of cold hard knitters’ cash by not selling your patterns individually. Although your magazines/books are lovely (and I do own some), I would much prefer purchasing separate patterns. And the more your designs are knitted up, the more demand there will be for each pattern. Oh, and schematics would be nice.

  4. I agree with everyone. Here’s hoping Rowan see this.
    And yes Karen please do a stranded colourwork KAL. I would love this – an all over fair isle is my dream even just for the experience. I’ve been hoping Ysolda has one a women’s pattern in making from the green one I’ve spotted on her needles here and there.

  5. I live just an hour or so south of the Lake District which inspired this book and I’ve got to tell you it is even more beautiful in real life. I love the Scafell sweater. Simply perfect!

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  8. I will happily come o Nashville and teach you all the tricks and wonders of Fair Isle knitting. Windermere could be yours in no time. It is lovely, but there is nothing difficult about it once you have the basics. I just turned 6 knitters on to the joy of color work. It is starting to feel like my mission work…Love your blog. Have spent the last few hours rereading most of it. It is lovely and oh so calming, Thank you.

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