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Know what I’m excited about?

– the impending Seamwork webmag from Colette

– the impending podcast from Woolful

– Ann Shayne’s crazy 8-yarn sweater for the #fringeandfriendsknitalong

– the fact that people like this exist (thx, jo!)


– Felicia Semple’s Stash Less series

Not to mention there’s a new BT Wool People collection coming along any minute now … [UPDATE: Here it is, the Wool People 8 lookbook]


4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. What a conundrum – I loved the Stash Less blog posts (and was stunned and awed recently by Hannah Fettig’s Knit.FM post on giving away her whole stash – wow!) and two minutes later Wool People 8 is available and I’ve purchased a pattern. I really embrace Stash Less in theory. Now I need to be more mindful of moving forward and align my purchasing actions with my theories. Maybe I should find more good homes for the items in my stash that I know I don’t love. Sigh…

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