New Favorites: BT’s best shawl collars

New Favorites: Brooklyn Tweed's best shawl-collar cardigans

When I was talking to someone recently (can’t remember who/where) about putting a shawl collar on my Amanda cardigan for the #fringeandfriendsknitalong, they said something about how on-trend that will be. And I suppose it will, but it got me thinking. There are definitely lots of shawl collars in the stores right now, but aren’t there always? I genuinely don’t think there’s ever been a year when there haven’t been amazing shawl-collar cardigans I’m dying to own. Certainly the shapes and details vary, and they may be more “in” one year than the next, but a shawl-collar cardigan is never out of style. And I think that timelessness is a big part of why I keep casting them on! It seems perfectly reasonable to me to invest large chunks of knitting time on a garment that cozy, and that I believe has a greater chance of wearing out than falling out of fashion. So that train of thought and yesterday’s Wool People release got me looking at the Best of Brooklyn Tweed shawl collars:

TOP: Field by Kazekobo, the newest entry, from Wool People 8. Honeycomb on the body, reverse stockinette sleeves, and compound raglan shaping — a total classic. Plus based on the gauge, it appears to be the perfect pattern from which to borrow the neck shaping and collar method for a shawlified Amanda. (Was there anyone at BT reading these posts thinking “Hold on! We have the perfect candidate!”?)

ROW 2 LEFT: Channel Cardigan by Jared Flood, from BT Winter ’14, knit-purl splendor already on my needles. Even though I’m planning to leave out some of the details that make it so exceptional, I think this is the Sweater of the Year.

ROW 2 RIGHT: Timberline by Jared Flood, from BT Men. I could stare at those intricately branching cables all day, and think the collar on this one is perfection.

MIDDLE: Little Wave by Gudrun Johnston, from Wool People 6, textured stitch panels with garter-stitch accents. And pockets! This one didn’t make that huge of an impression on me until I tried on the sample and fell in love. (I’ve also been taking a second, third and fourth look at Persimmon lately.)

BOTTOM LEFT: Burr by Veronik Avery, from BT Fall ’12, in stockinette with stylized shaping. Looks like such a simple sweater, and then you start to notice all the amazing, subtle details.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Bellows by Michele Wang, from BT Fall ’14, allover texture with cable accents. Seriously, it’s all I can do to not cast this on before finishing Amanda and Channel. And actually, my all-time favorite BT shawl collar might be another Michele design: the Arlo kids cardigan.

I wish I had every one of them in my closet right now and forever.


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13 thoughts on “New Favorites: BT’s best shawl collars

  1. It’s 15 degrees in Atlanta this morning. Sweater weather moved into the area last week. Beautiful examples of collared sweaters, thanks!

  2. I wore my Little Wave cardigan yesterday :) It’s not lace, but a traveling stitch pattern. Nice and cozy

  3. I swear BT has some of the most visually stunning sweaters. I downloaded one and it will be my first where I work from the bottom up and attach the sleeves. I’m slightly nervous but I’ve got some confidence. I’m also obsessed with shawl collar sweaters on babies. I’ve been knitting up toddler sweaters as holiday gifts over the last few weeks!

    • Brooklyn Tweed patterns are really nice and detailed — do what they say, and it’ll be great. :)

  4. I’ve got such a huge BT crush, it’s not even funny. I love when a new collection comes out, my queue grows and I get all drooly. My goal for 2015 is to knit a BT sweater with Shelter.

  5. Love shawl collars too!! I have the Bellows pattern and ordered my yarn (2 very similar colours to be held together to replicate the faded quilt colour at a price I could stomach) Its 27 degree celsius here today so i won’t be needing a cardigan anytime soon, but i will be so cosy come winter :).

  6. I’m totally obsessed with BT – he has excellent taste in design and color! I love all of his patterns, which, by the way, are extremely well written and exquisitely photographed! Shawl collars always stand the test of time – and they look great turned up if there’s a chill in the air! If I want something “trendy” I usually purchase it because it’s here today and gone tomorrow. After all the time and effort that goes into a sweater, I want to be able to wear it for years!

  7. I think shawl collars are totally always a great design choice but whether or not they’re currently on trend…maybe? I think for the timeless styles we’re generally into around these parts of the web they’re always perfect! I was planning on starting on Bellows tonight but I’m pretty sure that USPS lost my Shelter!! Always love BT patterns b/c they’re so easy to follow and really nicely laid out. Also don’t you wish all their kids patterns came in adult sizes?

  8. I love this! I’m a huge fan of BT’s cardigans, mostly because nobody does a full-on shawl collar quite like them. The Channel cardigan was my biggest project of 2014, and I’m already planning another version, this time more snug and with stocking and reverse-stocking stitch panels.

  9. Your friend is right. Shawl collars seem to be a thing right now. I just wish they flattered me. :-)

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