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WIP of the Week, week 2 — #fringeandfriendsknitalong

Last week, the knitter known as “waldorfmanufaktur” (on Instagram, Ravelry and Flickr) was a veerrrry close runner-up for the #fringeandfriendsknitalong WIP of the Week. I was crazy in love with her simple, beautifully lit photo of her swatch for Ondawa. But this week you might say she wins the prize for sheer enthusiasm. She is working on two sweaters and a scarf all at once! All cable-y goodness, and all of them promising to be gorgeous. (Specifically: Amanda, Ondawa and Guilder.) Congratulations, Simone, you’ve won a prize package from Kelbourne Woolens including a cable-print project bag, knit check and keychain knit check, and three skeins of Knightsbridge in the color Black Pool.

Keep those photos coming, friends — next week is another killer prize! And I have to say, while this week’s winner didn’t wind up coming from that pool, I loved all the shots of what you’re doing, listening to, and drinking while knitting — including the multiple Amandas at the beach. So plenty more of those, please! (By the way, Kate helped me figure out how to see all the tagged photos on Ravelry — if you tag your project page fringeandfriendsknitalong we’ll all be able to see it in the tag search results, seen here. Really wish web users could see the hashtag results on Instagram — it is an awesome sight to behold: over 200 photos and counting.)

IN OTHER NEWS: There’s a little interview with yours truly on the Madesmith blog about Fringe Supply Co. and how it came to be. (I swear I got my hair cut since then! Blame that rat’s nest on the move. And the heat.) And speaking of Fringe Supply Co., another big bunch of your favorite things got restocked this week: Cable Fashion Drama and Macrame Pattern Book, repair hooks, bone DPNs, rosewood crochet hooks, bonsai scissors and a bunch of sizes/colors of bento bags. Go get ’em.

Happy knitting this weekend!


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10 thoughts on “WIP of the Week (and other fun stuff)

  1. What a fantastic prize … and well deserved! So happy to see that the macrame book is back in stock. I need that one in my library!

  2. I’m throwing myself into this endeavor by knitting cabled hats – my first real cable projects. After ripping back today (second time) and re-knitting I suddenly got that “zone” feeling how the pattern flows. Which, in an odd way makes it harder to make mistakes than an easy pattern because I can tell immediately when the patterning is off – not six rows past the mistake. Though I could have saved myself a bit of evening angst (poorer lighting) by starting with a light colored yarn instead of a dark one… ;) Now, several rows into the cabling of this hat I’m grinning at what’s unfolding!
    And I love looking at the beautiful pics of the WIPs! That’s what made me nuts to join in in some way.

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