DIY Elizabeth and James holey sweater

DIY Elizabeth and James holey sweater

This is the easiest DIY of all time. (No brain cells were killed in the making of this post.) Love this Elizabeth and James sweater? It won’t be available until Spring 2015, but you can knit yourself one in the meantime. All you need is Wool and the Gang’s Hole in One Sweater kit. The pattern is written for two strands of yarn held together, so there’s the opportunity for a marl effect. But if you like the white, just use two whites! And shorten up the cuffs a little bit. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as they say.


p.s. Don’t forget: Tomorrow is WIP of the Week day for the #fringeandfriendsknitalong, so show us your cables! This week’s prize comes from Kelbourne Woolens, hint hint.


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12 thoughts on “DIY Elizabeth and James holey sweater

  1. I actually found a pattern similar to this one on the Lionbrand website too a few months ago. I was looking for an open weave sweater. They have one called the diagonal mesh pullover. I have it in my queue to eventually knit.

  2. But don’t those drop shoulders bother you? Maybe it’s just because I hate the way they look on me.

  3. Leaving my progress with the #fringeandfriendsknitalong. I haven’t progressed any further than this shot. I’ve been sidetracked by swatching for DH’s Christmas present, but will resume promptly with sides. I’m thinking I’ll knit the buttonbands as I go along. I’ve decided to use a toggle & loop closure.

  4. Easy peasy for sure! I agree with Catherine re drop sleeves. The body of the sweater seems to draw a nice line up to the shoulder points.
    This was so in my head, I had to pick up my needles. After a few tries, the knitting finally spoke…
    … stitch pattern (even number of st, repeat over 4 rows):
    3 rows reverse st st (r1 p, r2 k, r3 p)
    eyelet row: p1 *yo p2tog* p1

  5. Ooh, great timing! I am knitting BT’s Ludlow scarf with leftover blue sock yarns held together and didn’t know the “marl” terminology. While a solid yarn might compliment the pattern a bit better, using various yarns in the same color family definitely creates a more fun and interesting project.

  6. i wonder if i could combine a marled and cable look, or would they blur each other out? i was thinking ondwana in pale pink and white yarn held together….

  7. I shared a photo with you on instagram, I haven’t quite figured out how to put them here on this forum. It is a photo of the yarn, held together in a twisty. I think it might just work, I’ll try it and see! Thank you!

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