New Favorites: the Woolfolk collection

New Favorites: the Woolfolk debut collection

I promise we’re going to talk about sleeves this week, all of you following the whole #fringeandfriendsknitalong series, but home life took precedence over knitting this weekend so I don’t quite have that together yet. Which is good, because it gives me a minute to publicly drool over these new patterns. Kristin Ford has been a big cheerleader for Fringe for some time, and I’m so thrilled to be able to shout about her new yarn company, Woolfolk. (Named for her grandmother, Katherine Woolfolk — is that too wonderful for words, or what?) I got a sneak peek at the yarns in May — have had a gorgeous little canister of them sitting on my desk ever since — and this weekend it all went live with the launch of the debut pattern collection, which Kristin smartly enlisted Olga Buraya-Kefelian to design. Kristin is a former architect with a taste for clean lines and smart construction, and I’ve been known to describe Olga as “our foremost knitting engineer.” It’s kind of a match made in heaven. I wasn’t privy to the creative brief or anything, but Olga put together a capsule wardrobe of knits — eight understated but flawlessly detailed pieces — and it’s been beautifully styled and shot. I’m blown away by it. These four I can’t live without:

TOP LEFT: Flet is just a perfectly shaped raglan turtleneck with chained ribbing and a stand-up collar (and I’ll take the pants and shoes too, please)

TOP RIGHT: Fure is a simple pair of ribbed mitts (which you know I can’t get enough of) made irresistible by their length, suppleness and fold-back top

BOTTOM LEFT: Vinkler is the scarf I want for winter, plain and simple — love what the geometry of the stitch pattern does for the edge of the fabric

BOTTOM RIGHT: Knop, likewise, is exactly the shape I want a hat to be, with the added panache of that shaped front brim (I definitely prefer it in the front!) and gorgeous use of fisherman’s rib

You can see the whole collection on Ravelry and find out more about the exquisite yarns at Congratulations, K&O — amazing.


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10 thoughts on “New Favorites: the Woolfolk collection

  1. Thanks for sharing, Karen. The designs are beautiful, and really timeless. The yarn sounds pretty divine – can you imagine a City Cape in the worsted? Just saying.

  2. Lovely collection, thanks for sharing, but $8 pattern for simple ribbed mitts? Am I missing something? I guess they are trying to keep things consistent as all of their patterns are $8 (which I feel is reasonable for most, and I think that turtleneck needs to make it’s way into my wardrobe ASAP) but it seems to me that one could just knit a the Purl Bee’s ribbed hand-warmers longer/slouchier for the same effect?

    • Hi! The mittens are not simply ribbed, I have developed a twisted mirror stitch pattern just for this pattern since that creates an unusually dense fabric with the fingering weight yarn that is also reversible. The patterns are packed with techniques and attention to details. There are details that will render your finished items into well finished boutique quality garments.

  3. Karen, thank you so very much for the shout out to my collection for Woolfolk. I am truly blushing and very humbled by your generous compliments and adjectives. Woolfolk yarns are truly something else that I’ve chanced to work with and I’ve had fun exploring my creative energy in something so new to me to create this minimalistic yet detailed collection, which is new to me as I normally like more complex textures in my design work. <3

    • Hi Olga, thank you for the reply! When described so eloquently as you just put it they sound truly special and deserving of such a price tag…

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