Blog Crush: Cinnamon Girl of Maine

Blog Crush: Cinnamon Girl of Maine

Last night, I sat down at my computer. That sounds like the first half of a sentence, I know, not the whole thing. But it’s gotten to be a foreign experience. Feeling particularly drained from the past three months and happy for a little screen time, I was longing for a really good blog to fall into. Ashley Yousling highlights good feeds on her Instagram account sometimes and one of the usernames in her recent batch had stood out to me: @homesweethomestead. I thought, hm, I wonder if the homesweethomestead girl (Julie is her actual name) blogs. And then I spent a very happy hour reading Cinnamon Girl of Maine. Julie and her husband bought a farm in Maine a couple of years ago and, as she puts it, “The dream is simple. It’s to lessen our needs and meet as many of those left as we can.” Lots of people [raises hand] have this dream, and many act on it, and many of those blog about it. But man, this girl can write! It’s not a knitting blog — in fact, I read back as far as January (so far), and at no point did she write about knitting, per se. But the act of knitting — keeping her family’s heads and hands warm — is as integral to her life and photos as are the chickens and dahlias and jelly jars. It’s elemental.


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  1. I have a Pinterest board called “Comfort” where I pin comforting (to me) images of snow, rain, coffee, boats, ocean waves, etc. Lots of the pics from Julie’s blog are going on that board, starting with the blueberries. And you’re right—she can write. Thanks for the intro to her!

  2. I literally just found her on Instagram yesterday and spent way too much time browsing her pictures. Good to know there is a blog too!

  3. I’ve followed Julie on IG for several months now and didn’t realize she had a blog. Now I know what will be accompanying my knitting on my two hour layover (between dropping off and picking up kids) at my favorite coffee shop! Thank you!

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