New Favorites: Palmyre

New Favorites: Palmyre

I was at my friend Jo’s house recently and asked her what she’d been knitting. (She knits nonstop.)  She said, “Karen, I just finished my favorite thing I have ever knitted.” When she led me to it, I was surprised to see a shawl — and a rather basic looking one at that — but when I threw it over my shoulders, I fell instantly in love. It’s Nadia Crétin-Léchenne’s Palmyre, a simple stockinette shawl with a lace border. (That’s Nadia’s pictured above, to be clear.) Jo had knitted it as a sample for the Haus of Yarn Bus, using oatmeal-colored Kenzie, and it is so light and warm and lays so nicely on one’s shoulders. It’s just a magical combination of yarn and stitches.

Those of you paying extra-close attention will recall that the bus is driven by my dear friend Meg*, Jo’s daughter, and that Meg and the bus were also at Stitches Midwest this weekend, two aisles over from me. So when it got chilly in the convention center and all I had with me was all I have in my possession these days (living out of a suitcase and all), namely summery sleeveless tops, you can guess what I did. I borrowed that shawl, wore it for two days, and I did not want to take it off. Not sure I can live without one of my very own.


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*who we’ve been staying with, who taught me to knit, etc, etc …

11 thoughts on “New Favorites: Palmyre

  1. This is beautiful! and it may have just moved up to the top of my to-knit list…thanks for sharing! This is always one of my favorite features here!!

  2. Yeah, that’s going to need to get knitted right meow. Crescent-shaped shawls are the best shawls.

  3. Interesting that this crescent is knit with the make stitches in segments so you have the effect of wedges. Any reason why this is different from the standard crescents I’ve been working that just have the center seam or is it just a style choice? I’ll have to see if the work it with the lace first then the rest of the shawl…very pretty, indeed!

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  5. I had to leave a comment because ever since I saw this post I couldn’t get this shawl out of my head and how comfy it would be wrapped around my shoulders. Just bought the pattern and cast on immediately! You are such an enabler.

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