These are really too good

These are really too good

Hey, so that amazing Bookhou pocket pouch I was teasing you with in my last Channel photo? It’s now in the webshop! It comes in four fabulous fabrics — three prints plus charcoal waxed canvas. (Actually, two of them went immediately home with me, but I had trouble not adopting all four.) Also, the soft box you all can’t get enough of? Now in three prints. AND there’s a fantastic small oblong triangle pouch, in the same four fabrics as the large pocket pouch. I definitely recommend mixing and matching (and acting fast) — check ’em all out at Fringe Supply Co.

(If you got wind of a certain tote bag and have been waiting for it to appear, I sold them all at Stitches Midwest, but I expect to have more soon!)

I hope you all have a wildly relaxing weekend. As always, I’d love to hear what you’re working on!

2 thoughts on “These are really too good

  1. I am crushing really hard on those new soft boxes! I love Bookhou and am so excited to see all these items in your shop. What am I working on this weekend? Hoping to finish a simple but lovely cardigan in an alpaca blend.

  2. At this very moment I’m assembling knitting projects to take along when Durwood and I leave tomorrow to drive to Yellowstone and back over the next two weeks. So, there’s a baby blanket, a couple of men’s chemo hats, a-a-a-and I don’t know what else. I need things for long drives and nights in motels after a day of hiking and sightseeing. I’ll be knitting my way to Wyoming and back, but not all in one weekend, it’ll take three.

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