Joanna Williams’ cabinet of textile curiosities

Joanna Williams' cabinet of textile curiosities

There’s a group of L.A. women I’m kind of fascinated by, one of whom is textile designer-consultant Joanna Williams of Kneeland Mercado. (Remember this hat?) Upping the ante, she’s recently created the Kneeland Co. Research Library, where she’s cataloging and sharing the magazines, books, textiles and objects she’s collected over the last couple of decades. There are snippets on the website at Kneeland Co. and an interview about the project on Heather Taylor’s blog, along with several drool-inducing photos of the space. So that’s gone straight to the top of my Things to Do Someday in L.A. list.

(Although I’m not sure if it will make me feel better or worse about having put twenty years of magazine tear in the recycling bin while packing …)

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