Yarn is magic

Yarn is magic

It’s late Thursday night as I’m typing this, and I’m supposed to be putting together a big, juicy Elsewhere list for you, but I spent the majority of the day up to my bloodshot eyeballs in spreadsheets, filing my sales tax return, and my brain is DONE. So instead I’m showing you a pretty picture of my Channel Cardigan in progress. Ooooohhhh.

I swear there were about seven hours during the spreadsheet ordeal where I had my teeth clenched and forgot to exhale. But then before I left the studio, I went upstairs to where this beautiful floor is and pulled everything out of my bento bag and took this picture — and in the five minutes I was with the yarn (not even knitting it!) a bunch of the stress just slid right off me. Yarn is magic.

Have a beautiful weekend, lovely people. Tell me what you’re working on!


p.s. That ridiculously great pouch up there will be in the shop as soon as I can get it shot and listed, along with its friends. Sorry to tease you! But I latched onto it the moment it arrived.

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  1. I just finished the Lilas cardigan for myself and love it. I think I’m about to start making a few baby sweaters for one of my close girlfriends due in January. It’s so odd to not be sure about what to cast on next.

  2. So lovely! (yarn, not spreadsheets). I just started a new project with Quince and Co’s Sparrow and new Addi’s and had a similar revaluation while I was knitting along in near-darkness when I should have been sleeping after a long day. The way the yarn was gliding over the needles was so calming and magical and I am just in love with the fabric I’m making.

  3. So jealous! Love Channel: yours is going to be amazing! I am focusing on finishing a pair of socks with Fringe Supply’s gorgeous bone DPNs out of Rowan felted tweed, so I can move onto a summer T shirt [a little off on my seasons] that you and this blog inspired me to do. Thank you for your blog, it is really appreciated!

  4. What yarn are you using Karen? To me it has a washed denim look, already worn and comfy- love it! Also, love that little pouch :)

  5. The yarn against the floor…!!!! (Yes, what a great floor.) I’m working on a Pebble Beach Shawlette (pattern by Helen Stewart.) I’m using a beautiful handpainted mellow yellow sock yarn from an Etsy shop and I’m doing it for myself. I’ve never worn yellow but so want something this color, for some reason. I’m having a breakthrough in wearing a color I was told as a kid I shouldn’t wear… ;)

      • A very soothing knit! Funny you should say that, because I knit it at the tail end of my day to relax. The only “stress” is making sure the stitch count is accurate so the pattern doesn’t get wonky.

  6. Fiber therapy at its best!!
    I am currently working on my first sweater using Hannah Fetig’s Basic yoked pullover pattern. Really enjoying it so far!! I am using berocco alcapa/wool yarn similar to the color of yours in this post.
    Happy Friday!

  7. Just looking at this photograph is calming! I love your swatch and have this pattern in one of my project bags waiting patiently while I finish my other wips. Have a wonderful weekend, K.

  8. I feel de-stressed just looking at your picture! That grey looks awesome in that stitch pattern.
    I’m trying to finish Pam Allen’s Davis sweater for my daughter to take to school with her later this month. I’m using Kestrel and am really enjoying my first foray into knitting with linen.

    Thank you, btw, for sending us in one of your recent posts to Sarai Mitnick’s piece on why it’s OK to be a selfish maker. Between that bit of inspiration and your Channel pictures, I’m planning to make my next project a sweater for me and am having fun just considering all the possibilities.

  9. Thank goodness for magic yarn. And thanks to your post yesterday, I discovered the fabulous O-Wool Balance magic yarn which I’ve ordered to make a sweater I’ve been coveting – Arvid from Brooklyn Tweed’s latest Wool People publication which was designed by my friend Nell Ziroli of NellKnits. AND I want the pouch!!

  10. I said, “Yes!” when I read your post heading. Yarn *is* magic–comforting, healing, and just plain good. I feel so blessed that it’s part of my life.

    Will this Channel Cardigan will be your first FO in your new home?

    • I won’t have a new home for at least a month more, but I imagine I’ll still be working on this by the time that happens. So yes, probably?

  11. Looking great! That o wool looks so squishy and good and oh that gorgeous pouch!!!! Have a great weekend

  12. I had the same reaction this morning when I started winding balls of some Shelter for the Montauk sweater, from the same collection as Channel. The only other thing I knit in that yarn is my son’s baby blanket, late at night, because when I’m pregnant I get insomnia. But when I was winding the yarn I felt like I was transported back to that time. Very relaxing! Your picture is very soothing too.

  13. So many things on the needles: a mock brioche scarf in Classic Elite alpaca, and sets of Log Cabin Washcloths (I believe you posted the link to PurlBee’s pattern in one of your recent blog entries). The scarf is for me, the washcloths are all destined for holiday gifts this winter. Just cast on Diana Walla’s Rhubarbidoo stranded colorwork headband, for my sister, and am about to cast on Churchmouse Yarns’ Basic Socks (my first full pair of socks, destined for my own drawer). So. Much. Fun.

    Oh, and the Blue Angels have been practicing above my apartment for the past two days, in advance of this weekend’s SeaFair air show. A good reason to lift my head up from my needles (yay!) and laptop (client work, not so yay).

  14. Hi Karen – I have been ridiculously out of the loop due to work craziness, but I have just caught up on all of the posts I have missed for about a month, now! Congratulations on getting through the big move! Glad to have you on the east side! I love reading your references to Squam. I keep looking at my pics and sighing, wishing I was back there. This weekend I am working on this: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-pillow-of-sei-shonagon . I hope you are having a great weekend!

  15. I’ve never been able to learn how to knit, but I love crochet, and I agree that it’s such a great stress-reducer. I’m still learning myself, so I stick to simple things like headbands and scarves, but I have a few cardigans and such saved on Pinterest that I’d like to eventually try my hand at

  16. The floor, the bag, the yarn and the pattern are all beautiful! You sold me on Channel, I can’t wait to CO.
    I am grateful to have knitting in my life. Good medicine! It truly is, and should be prescribed… by (w-stitch) doctors… i guess that’s what we do by sharing… OK, I am going ’round the corner.
    Love your blog! I have learned so much! Thank you!

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