Blog Crush: A Ervilha Cor de Rosa

Blog Crush: A Ervilha Cor de Rosa

Apparently it’s possible to have a crush on a blog I can’t read, because I’m crazy about Rosa Pomar’s blog A Ervilha Cor de Rosa. I mean, clearly I have a crush on all things Rosa — I’m dying to go to Lisbon and visit her store (and meet her). Her Instagram feed is fantastic enough to leave me always wanting more, as you know, and her blog provides a little more, even if I don’t read Portuguese. Although, not all of the posts are in Portuguese: One of my favorites is this “pattern,” written the way I wish more patterns were — more like annotated charts and schematics and less like step-by-step methods — and it happens to be in English.  I do know about Google Translate, but I sort of love the mystery of the posts, and love looking at the photos and sussing out what I can without the language. Much better than reading butchered robot translations that take the poetry out of everything.

Rosa has an open invitation to Our Tools, Ourselves and I’m holding out hope she’ll take me up on it when she’s ready. Meanwhile, I fervently hope she keeps blogging …


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  1. There is a French Blog I adore that has free sewing patterns. Luckily those are pretty clear cut (bwaha Punny) so I can replicate the beauty. Sometimes you just have to put your best “I know exactly what this says” face on and enjoy !

  2. The way that pattern is written is genius! Plus I love the adorable hand drawn schematic. Oh, and I’ll take those shoes as well…

  3. Karen you perfectly said what I think about Rosa Pomar’s blog, Instagram, Pinterest etc. I also can’t read Portugal (I wish I could, love this language!) but she definitely makes me want to take a trip to Lisbon, enter her shop and touch the sky:) Hope she will share her Our Tools, Ourselves:) Please Rosa!

  4. Yes, I love her blog, too. I think part of its charm is that it IS in Portuguese. That sort of makes it secret and magical.

  5. A delight to read & view once I was directed to the translation by katbruce. Thank you very much for sharing.

  6. One of my very favourite blogs. I had the good fortune to spend three months in Lisbon recently, and her shop was a bright spot for me in an already magical city. I came home with her beautiful Portuguese yarns, Beiroa and Zagal, in my suitcase.

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