Someday vs. Right Away: Cables and lace

Someday vs Right Away: Cables and lace

You guys, I’m stuck in the most boring knitting season of my entire knitting life. For months it’s been nothing but stockinette and ribbing and — hold onto your seats! — a little garter stitch in the round. I am in favor of all of the future finished objects I have in progress, but working dropped stitches every few rows doesn’t really make the stockinette any more thrilling to knit. The only bit of fun I’ve had were those precious few rows of nupps on my Trillium yoke, and that was two months ago. It’s starting to make me think knitting is boring. Aiieeeee! I’ve given myself permission to cast on a Channel Cardigan sleeve if I want, and to intersperse it with all the stockinette going on, but I’m not convinced those knits and purls (however luscious) are enough to really break up the monotony. I want all the fun right now. I want cables, and I want lace. Specifically: Anne Hanson’s Wheaten, which I will knit one day, in wrap proportions. But to satisfy this particular craving in quicker/smaller fashion, I’m thinking a hat would suffice. Maybe Amy Christoffers’ Manhattan or Robin Ulrich’s Bosc.


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  1. way to feed the fire, Karen – I say go for the wrap! THAT is awesome. Actually sort of feeling the same way – budget is only allowing me to finish projects already started. My mantra has been “no new project til these are done” . However, I have to admit I am being tempted by the Wool And The Gang cotton sweaters – simply knit but… my fingers are craving that silky cotton I’m hearing they produce! all the best to you as you move toward adventure in knitting!

    • If I didn’t suspect that striped WATG sweater would look horrible on my big shoulders, I’d be sorely tempted to cast on a fourth sweater!

  2. I just finished wheaten. It was easier than it looks and easy to memorize the pattern!! You should cast on for this sooner than later

    • It does look pretty straightforward to me, for what it is. But the last thing I want on the needles right now is another longer-term knit. I need a quick fix! And then I’ll look forward to this one down the road a bit.

  3. Hi! I also have two big sweaters on the needles, and all in stockinette. I was afraid that I was going to feel like this after a while, but I found that I actually don´t mind that much only doing plain knitting. Of course I do most of my knitting on trains so I guess that has do with it.

    • With everything I’ve got going on right now, I should really welcome the mindless knitting, but I’m desperate for something more creatively stimulating at the end of the days these days.

  4. Hi Karen, Your blog is the best and I frequently share it with customers and knitters. Thought you’d like to know that lately many of the picture files “break” and don’t load the images. I want to see everything you post, it’s so well chosen!!Donna

    • Hi, Donna. Thanks for spreading the word! I hadn’t heard of any issue with non-loading photos before. Is that true for you across different devices and browsers? And do you mind telling me what kind of machine/device you’re using and which browser? I appreciate it.

  5. Working on my first cabled cardigan (hooray cardigan) and it is way more fun to knit than I thought it would be. I cant seem to put the needles down.

  6. Oh, that Wheaten is to die for. But I have a deadline on my current project, even though it is incredibly boring to knit. So I must keep on and save the interesting stuff for later.

  7. I cheat on my bigger projects all the time, and either of those hats would be perfect to intersperse with all your stockinette. I’m currently alternating between a Que Sera lacy cardigan in billowy Blue Sky cotton, Sleeping Cedars baby bunting (stockinette in the round, but I’m about to start some interesting bodice shaping), and an Inner Peace shawl, which is lots of garter stitch, but a little twisted rib, a unique bobble fringe, and some short rows keep things interesting. I’m having one of those rare, perfectly balanced project situations :)

  8. I want to knit all of these! Giving myself the gift of knitting the large Jared Flood Guernsey Scarf for me (!) for a summer project has been perfect. The yarn I’m using (Tosh) is beautiful to touch and to look at and I’m following my first charted pattern – just what I wanted. But its not cable. Once getting a taste of cables, it calls to you. I’m going for the Bosc for a starter with Wheaten on my wish list.

  9. I’m with Marci, I made the Wheaten wrap in Plucky sport. The pattern is easy to memorize-sort of, it changes after so many rows. I’m currently working on the small blanket for my son. GO FOR IT!!

  10. I knit Wheaten last summer. I did the fingering weight wrap and I love it! I loved the knitting and I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it already. It’s a fun knit!

  11. I am always cheating on my larger projects. I just don’t have as much time to knit as I would like.. projects that Don’t grow quickly soon get pushed aside.. startitus is my problem.. Stephen West and his summer shawl kal is calling to me at the moment and I have one sweater and one top on the needles right now!. But that yellow hat is beautiful!

  12. I’ve been wanting to do a wrap for so long but fear boredom after a bit. I did a baby blanket in basketweave pattern and it took me 10 months! I am casting on Aphelion from Twist Collective as my first sweater with short sleeves just to make sure I don’t get too bored.

  13. I’ve got two complicated sock patterns on the needles at the moment. Well, complicated as in not stockinette. It’s annoying because I have to keep track of rows properly I can’t just sit down and knit I have to concentrate and mark off rows worked, I’d start something new but the thing is, I’ve no spare needles!

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