Summer essentials

Summer essentials

I’ve been sitting on these for a little while, and it may be because I secretly wish I could hoard them all for myself and have a lifetime supply — they are literally the most perfect summer canvas tote I’ve ever found. But while I’m keeping one of each size for myself — the jumbo version has replaced my bolga basket as the keeper of my WIPs and tools — the rest are now in the webshop and ready to come live with you.

I also have a new quarterly journal for you to tuck into your new bag and pore over langorously on the porch or at the beach. It’s called Trouvé and it’s a magazine about the lives of creative people — think of it as being to makers what Kinfolk is to gatherings. This is the first issue of Trouvé, and I’m very happy to have it in the mix!

Summer essentials

Happy Friday, everybody! I’m planning to knit some cables this weekend — how about you?


12 thoughts on “Summer essentials

  1. Lovely tote, no wonder you want to keep them all.
    This week-end: attending a wedding on Saturday, and a Sunday afternoon with girlfriends where I’ll bring my knitting. Planning to get started on a simple shawl (McMilne, from Jane Richmond).

  2. And don’t forget the cute “Knit and Let Knit” totes! Love mine. It makes me smile whenever I look at it.

    Intrigued by Trouve. And speaking of making, any chance you would share how you made (if you did) the adorable knit-covered rock paperweight that shows up in most of your magazine photos? I’m sure we could figure it out, but if you’ve got DIY tips to share, that would be lovely.

    • It was a gift from my friend Jo — she loves Margaret Oomen’s crocheted stones (and don’t we all!) but doesn’t crochet, so she figured out a way to knit them.

  3. I have the opposite problem from you. I’ve been knitting so many cables lately, I’m going to take a break this weekend with some stockinette.

  4. Lovely bag. I’ll be planting flowers, herbs, and tomatoes this weekend. Maybe I’ll knit some in the shade on the patio when I’ve cleaned all the dirt from under my nails.

  5. completed a WIP, working CWC Saturday Sunday(my anniversary) and Monday. Hope you all have more fun than I will for sure…

  6. Bags are my downfall! This looks like it would stand up nice and straight.
    I am bound and determined to cast on my first sweater ( ) …but first I must get smaller needles for the ribbing. How did I miss that when I read the instructions? I was inspired by your post on the set up for doing a sweater but got deep into getting gauge and forgot the rest.

    Here’s a topic for a blog post: what do you do when you just can’t get gauge? I am one stitch too few. If I change needle size, I am way way off. It is a top down so I guess I will just try it on as I go.

  7. Just ordered that magazine, Karen. I have been SWAMPED at work and look forward to a long, slow perusal of it in the near future. For now, I am going to enjoy catching up on your blog! I’ve missed my morning breaks with Fringe.

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