Sunday funday

Sunday funday

Yesterday, I gave myself permission to do nothing other than knit and sew (and eat and exercise and write this little blog post). If there’s one thing I’ve known, but that has been driven home by the great closet clean-out, it’s that I have a serious lack of warm-weather clothes. Not surprising, given the serious lack of warm weather where I live. But due to assorted travel and other circumstances, I’ve got a lot of it in my near future — including next week! So after putting in a couple of hours on my Perkins Cove Pullover (from my list! cast on last Sunday), I cleared off my table, pulled out my sewing machine, and ran off to the fabric store. I’m planning to make a few variations on this beautifully simple thing, with hopefully at least one of them done — somehow — before I board a plane Friday morning. Wish me luck?


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    • The color makes a difference but I’m also doing it at a different gauge, very different fabric. It’ll be interesting to see how it blocks out — I may have wound up making the drop-stitch pattern *too* subtle.

  1. Is looking totally cute. You got a lot done in just a weekend. What is the yarn you are using?

  2. So I finally took a sweater knitting class and now I’m all about knitting light summer tees! You’ve definitely got me looking at a few patterns I want to explore.

  3. Oh, I’m so jealous. I *wanted* to spend yesterday finishing my Washi Dress — so close, and yet so far from being done — and figuring out my next sweater to knit. Instead we hosted a ginormous ping pong party that went on for hours. And when my husband and I were doing the post-party recap, I realized that the only people with whom I’d had extended conversations were… toddlers. Other people’s toddlers.

  4. This is why you have been my inspiration. I love it and it’s not even finished as yet! Plus it does help that blue is my favorite color. :D I hope you finish it on time!

  5. I love the color of the pullover, so pretty! For a quick sew, I recommend the Salme Kimono top (you can purchase on her site or etsy). I was able to sew one in just a couple of hours.

  6. I love how it feels to give oneself permission to just do the things that feed the creative! Kudos for doing just that!

  7. I have been itching to sew lately – I haven’t really sewn a garment in years – so even though I won’t be able to get started for a few weeks, yesterday I sat down and started browsing independent patterns. I want something simple to ease me back into it, so I landed on this dress from Pattern Runway:

    I’m really looking forward to choosing fabric and getting started!

  8. That LAX blouse is darling!! The boots are darling!! The photo!!! is not darling!! But hey, it’s an airport. NO ONE looks good in an airport.

  9. Good for you! Those days are so necessary, and so enjoyable because of their rarity.

    What pattern is that tee? I’ve been working on perfecting the Grainline Scout Woven tee, but that one looks like it would be fun too. Toronto summers are short but (usually) blazing hot, and after the winter we’ve just had, I intend to enjoy this one in handmade style!

    Happy travelling :)

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