Mother’s Day (or any day!) gift guide

Whether you have a mother who knits or are a mother who knits, obviously I think the best gifts are all at Fringe Supply Co. Here are some sweet ideas for putting together a few nice things:

Mother's Day (or any day!) gift ideas

1. Blue chambray Bento Bag ($16-24) // Handmade leather stitch marker pouch ($28) // Japanese snips ($16) // Bone double-pointed needles ($30) and repair hook ($4-6)

Mother's Day (or any day!) gift ideas

2. Knitters Graph Paper Journal ($12) // Oblong linen tool pouch ($20) // Rosewood double-pointed needles ($16-18) // Half-brass scissors ($10)

Mother's Day (or any day!) gift ideas

3. Slate ticking Bento Bag ($16-24) // Row counter ($8.50) // Bonsai-style scissors ($8) // Wooden gauge ruler ($8)

Mother's Day (or any day!) gift ideas

And a gift any mom will love — no knitting required!

4. Natural linen Bento Bag ($16-24) // Linen pocket pouch ($16) // Large scissors ($14)

Of course, there’s also lots more to choose from, over at Fringe Supply Co.


Happy weekend, everyone!

11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day (or any day!) gift guide

  1. So beautiful the way you styled these groups! I wish that I were a mother, or that my mother were a knitter, but I will definitely be forwarding this post to my husband when my birthday comes around. :D

  2. It would be interesting to hear from people how they guide their loved ones towards knitting focused gifts. For example, I know that my son would just go to a big box store for some yarn for me. While I am certainly not above the occasional skein or needle from one of these stores (afterall my first project was with this incredibly stiff Red Heart yarn from Walmart), I LOVE good yarn and needles from my LYS or any local dyer. Should I just make sure everyone knows the names of the local yarn stores (and Fringe Supply, of course) or do you all have other ideas?

  3. I don’t mean to be a downer, so I have held off on sharing this with you for quite a while, but…I have to say that your Mother’s Day posts are so poignant for me. I would love to continue knitting things for my mother (a non-knitter), but she died several years ago. Springtime is still difficult for me in some ways, as her birthday was in April, and mine is in mid-May, generally within a week of Mother’s Day—if not on the actual day.

    • karen, i hope you don’t mind…

      laura, i’m so sorry you lost your mother. maybe you could knit something for yourself in honor of her, stitching your loving memories into the fabric. i lost my mom too 3 years ago, knitting has been a life raft for me at times.

      • Thanks, Lori. I do knit a Red Scarf in my mom’s name each autumn for the Foster Care to Success’ Red Scarf Project. (For kids who have aged out of foster care and gone on to college.) It really works for me as a tribute to my mom, as she was a teacher who loved red! You’ve got me thinking about springtime tribute knits, though. Again, thanks.

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