Tag Team Sweater status: Worried

Tag Team Sweater Project : Sleeve-O-Meter

One drawback of the whole Stitches adventure is that I’ve had zero time to knit. The nice thing about a knitting convention is that all the vendors are knitting in their booths all day, in between sales. They’re pretty amazing — they have their yarn in a bag around their wrist or tucked into their apron pocket, and their hands are going a mile a minute, even when they’re standing, talking to customers, walking around. Even if I were capable of getting into a knitting-standing-up groove (I’m a devout cross-legged knitter) there was no time. I knitted two rows of one of Anna’s sleeves on Friday and had to rip them out late Friday night. Then I knitted those same two rows — and maybe one or two more — on Sunday. And that’s it!

You’ll recall that when we launched into this whole Tag Team Sweater Project, I had no concerns whatsoever about my ability to finish the four sleeves by the appointed date. And when I made the decision to do Stitches (on exceptionally short notice) in the middle of it all, I thought if I finished all four cuffs before the show started, I’d be able to sail through a lot of the stockinette while manning the booth. As you can see from the Sleeve-o-meter, none of that happened.

The exchange date was originally set for this Friday (!!) but, for better or worse, I’m not the only one behind schedule. Anna was still trying to get me my body by then, but I won’t have any sleeves to attach it to anyway. So we’ve decided to ship on Friday (god willing) for Monday arrival. Which gives us Friday through Monday to try to get our own parts in order. VK Live is now only 18 days away. Does anyone believe we have a shot at this? We’re not giving up yet!

By the way, Anna is doing a site migration and can’t blog till it’s done, so make sure you’re following @toltyarnandwool (and @karentempler) on Instagram for #tagteamsweaterproject updates.


p.s. If you were looking for Bento Bags over the weekend, I had reduced the online inventory in an effort not to double-sell anything during the show. You’ll find more bentos available today.

12 thoughts on “Tag Team Sweater status: Worried

  1. I was going to make some wise cracks about knitting in the bathroom, in the car between traffic lights, etc. and realized that was just insensitive because I don’t do any of those things myself. I also don’t do knit alongs (though I do have the best of intentions) and currently have 2 shawls that have been in my bag since November with NO progress at all.
    Owning a business is like having a very active baby. Some things that you love to do will undoubtedly suffer lack of attention but you do what you can.
    My only advice is that in the future, when invited to join an event like this, smile and most sincerely, respond “thank you so much for thinking of me, but I will have to pass this time”.

    Hugs and good luck on those sleeves!

  2. Speed the plow, little lady! You can do it! Though I’m hopeful that your energy cookies will come in the mail SOON~every girl needs a good cookie to get through the day and/or sleeves :-)

  3. As soon as you get one sleeve done, you will feel like there isn’t so much left to. But what a decision…to work on all sleeves at once or do them sequentially?!

  4. I am easily distracted, so I usually just barely manage to swatch or do garter stitch at Knit Night. So I understand your not getting knitting done at this event. Besides the massive overstimulation of being around all the fiber-y goodness, you were being a pretty new pop-up proprietor too!

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