Head = spinning

I’m back from Stitches and need a minute to catch my breath, but I wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone who made this weekend a totally mind-blowing experience, and to my friend Brooke Sinnes for making it possible in the first place. I’m floored by the number of you who came into the booth and took the time to introduce yourselves and tell me that you follow and value the blog in whatever way. I love having faces to go with many of the names I see again and again on blog comments and Fringe Supply orders. Loved hearing your stories about how you’ve tried new things as a result of something I’ve said here. And I’m especially grateful to the woman who told me I’m more attractive in person than I am in my pictures. Geez, how I’ve always hoped that’s true! And to every person who told me my little cabinet of curiosities was their favorite thing in the whole show, I just … well, I’m speechless.

Back to regular programming as soon as I get a little sleep.


11 thoughts on “Head = spinning

  1. Karen, I am hoping my other Berkeley Buddy came by and picked up a few “newly stocked trinkets” for the Care Package from the West Show, that holds me over until our South Show…. cbb ;-)

  2. I really like big ‘trade’ shows like Stitches. If there is an unhappy stitcher to be found, I’ve never met them there.

  3. It was great to spend the weekend with you! I’m looking forward to Vogue Knitting. Here’s hoping we both will be recovered by then.

  4. I assume I am better looking in person than I am in pictures, which is why I never let a camera near me! Wish I was on the west coast last weekend! (Are you coming to any east coast events?) Congrats on the success of your shop and your blog!

  5. It was such a treat to meet you and I’m thrilled with my bento bag. Hope to see you again next year.

  6. Congratulations, Karen. I wish I could have “popped” in to visit but perhaps at another (closer-to-home) show!

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