New Favorites: Svalbard

New Favorites: Svalbard

All this bottom-up stockinette business has me longing for something completely different — one-piece, clever construction, interesting stitch pattern(s) … anything! I saw a beautiful example of Bristol Ivy’s Svalbard cardigan at Stitches this weekend and realized it might be just exactly what I’m craving, as it’s all of those things in one. Pretty sure all I’d tamper with is the sleeve length.


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    • A first sweater ?? ask… My experience, as a two year knitter, with a BT pattern, heed the ‘skill level’ info as an indicator. My suggestion for a first sweater, is a top down, raglan, baby size … get the basics under your belt, before tackling a more complicated design. Svalbard really does not look difficult, but there are nuances going on, and I bet guage plays a big role. Knit happy ;-) Best, Carolyn

    • I knitted this right before Christmas. I don’ t think it would be a good idea to choose this one for a first sweater. There are a lot of tricky bits and it helps to have a little experience knitting sweaters so you understand what’s going on in the background while you’re trying to follow the more complex things going on.

        • Have fun. I don’t want to discourage you from trying fun things. Far from it. I just imagine myself choosing that pattern for my first sweater. And then I imagine me drop kicking the mangled sweater across my back yard.

    • It is better to spend your time on something you really want instead of something you feel you are suppose to make. If you’ve never done a technique, you don’t know to be afraid:) if you have a good LYS or knitting friend to help if you get stuck, I’d go for it.

  1. Sorry about leaving you hanging-dog jumped on my lap and hit the enter button! Anyway, I love that pattern, and wonder if it’s too much for a beginner. Thank you!

  2. Hi Karen,

    That’s so funny because I’m totally fan of brioche stitch and last week I decided that I had to knit myself a nice Svalbard!! No yet, but if you’re interested in a KAL some days, it could be fun!(in April or May?) Have a nice day ;-)

  3. I love this one! I’m intimidated by Brooklyn Tweed but their patterns are so exceptional looking!

  4. It is so lovely. I wish I wore open-front cardigans. Every time I convince myself I’ll wear one, it languishes in the closet…

    • I’m also open-front averse. And I’m not a fan of all the waterfall cardigans out there, either, and was afraid this might be too much like that, too much volume in the front. But seeing on that woman at Stitches made me want it.

  5. I’ve been wanting to knit this since the pattern came out, but have been intimidated. I would love to do it as part of a knit along to help get through some of the trickier bits. It’s such a wonderful design!

  6. And this is why I read the comments first: I was going to ask what the stitch pattern was, as it looks a bit like something I’ve done recently — but I’ve never worked brioche! Still a very interesting pattern, so I may have to learn the brioche stitch.

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