Next of the best of Fall 2014: Wool and the Gang’s runway beanie

Wool and the Gang's runway beanie

There have been all sorts of moves toward immediacy in the past few years, where the big fashion shows are concerned — to the point where some shows now allow for people to order the garments as they’re walking down the runways (and then wait months for them to arrive). But I’m pretty sure Wool and the Gang broke new ground this week with the first beanie to grace the catwalk and be available as a knitting pattern on the very same day. Apparently Giles Deacon approached WATG for a collaboration and this Eek Hat was born. WATG created the ones that were worn in Monday’s Giles show, along with 200 more to be scattered all around London Fashion Week in various ways. The Eek is a new spin on the basic Zion Lion hat they do so much with, in this case with big ol’ googly eyes added via duplicate stitch. So dang cute — I want one.

See their blog for the backstory and lots of behind-the-scenes photos.

Wool and the Gang's runway beanie

6 thoughts on “Next of the best of Fall 2014: Wool and the Gang’s runway beanie

  1. I’m waiting for the release of the Helsinki hat, which I needed last week when we got all that snow here in GA.


  2. Being a Knitwear enthusiast within womenswear, it’s difficult to find those with similar interests… I enjoy your blog posts within the realms of womenswear and knitwear. Look forward to more :)

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