New Favorites: from Amirisu Spring 2014

New Favorites: from Amirisu Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 “issue” of Amirisu is out, and it has me pondering once again all the weird and wonderful, uncategorizable hybridizations of publications that abound on the Internet these days. (Amirisu is a lookbook for a pattern collection, packaged up with magazine content and ads, and delivered in free e-mag form — patterns sold separately.) Along with interviews with Kirsten Johnstone and Jared Flood, and an essay by Flood about Elizabeth Zimmermann, there are some pretty cute patterns. I like the little summery top by Veera Välimäki, Wispers (minus the split sleeve maybe), and the Fiske  semi-circular shawl by Gudrun Johnston, but the ones I’d most love to knit are the Mondrian Socks by Yuki and Preble, a cute and simple beanie by Leila Raabe.

You can flip through the whole issue here. Don’t miss the essay in the back and deciphering Japanese knitting patterns!


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17 thoughts on “New Favorites: from Amirisu Spring 2014

  1. Oh, yes, so lovely! Whispers is delightful, though in hot Georgia Spring/Summer, I’d be looking at a different yarn…the half circle Shawl…so nice, another hit. Those socks? Well, being entirely sock challenged all I could do was laugh and hang my head in shame…

  2. Think you are right about those split sleeves. Have you seen the yarn that Camellia Fiber Co dyed with tumeric? Thanks for turning me onto all these neat sites. I had never heard of this emag.

  3. Brilliant e-mag, had never heard of it before. Thank you! Especially liked the articles on photographing your knits and on EZ.

  4. A most beautiful e-mag, thanks a lot for sharing. I love Pebble and Fiske, and these Mondrian socks are fantastic – so many colour combinations possible. Makes we want to dive in my sock yarn stash and start planning.

  5. I love Amirisu. I have Kirsten’s Amime pattern. Been dying to make it, and I just pulled it out of hiding yesterday! I would pay someone to make me those Mondrian socks!

  6. What a wonderful read! The first was the interview with Jared Flood. And I’m not done yet, oh no! WANT so many of those patterns… Ok. Back to reading…

  7. I love Amirisu, I only wish it came in a hardcopy. I just can’t get used to e-books and e-mags, I want paper. That beanie is awesome!

  8. I was just looking through the new issue of Amirisu the other day too… did you see the Stephen West parallelogram scarf/shawl? I think that was my fave pattern, but I just gave it a really quick flip through. I’ll have to go back and read the article about Jared Flood too :)

  9. So glad to see Amirisu get a shout-out here!! I met Meri, one of the editors, last May at the Keito-Dateo knitting event in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo (I live down in Yokohama), and she is just the sweetest:-)) They are working so, so hard to make the magazine a success– anybody here checking it out for the first time, please consider popping over to the Amirisu group on Rav and leaving Meri and Tokuko a little Happy in the Issue 4 thread (the top thread, I think)!

    Karen– I thought of you right away when flipping through this issue the first time! Kirsten Johnstones’s Gake design, with the two different halves and one side with/one side without a sleeve put me immediately in mind of your post about the One-Sleeved Sweater!! Kirsten, it seems, is ahead of the curve;-)) Love the styling of that sweater, and the soft neckline detail that uses that Habu Textiles Stainless Steel lace-weight. So architectural– so cool:-)

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