First of the best knits of Fall 2014: A Détacher

Best knits of Fall 2014

I have such a design crush on Mona Kowalska of A Détacher. It may be because her personal motto seems to be “Two sweaters are better than one.” Or maybe “There’s no such thing as too many layers.” But for whatever reason, I always find her collections amusing and odd and inspiring. Sweater dresses are a clear trend in the Fall 2014 shows, and Kowalska has several in her collection — including a couple of swoony dress-length hoodies used as layering pieces. She’s also got swants and other sweatpant-shaped pants layered under all the sweaters. Plus thin, meshy turtlenecks under tunics and dresses with sweater-cuffed “sleeves” tied at the waist. Another reason I love her is that she almost always wears it best:

Best knits of Fall 2014

Also: If I can’t have this outfit, I can’t go on.

12 thoughts on “First of the best knits of Fall 2014: A Détacher

  1. She is a true design icon! I absolutely love the sleeve ties at the waist/hips ~ that detail is pretty much perfect!

  2. I’m in love with the “swunion suit”, in grey. Sweater jammies for the daytime? Oh yes, please! Second favorite is the neutral layers over the silky jammies. I like!! Also loving Mona’s grey hair. I’m headed in that direction sooner than later and always love a woman who embraces the gray!

  3. Loving the minimalistic, basic pieces with an unexpected twist. I especially like the loop stitch sweater in look 9, and the plaited headband in look 28, but I’d take any of those amazing outfits.

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