Sweet treats for you

Treat yourself

I like the idea of using this day as an excuse to buy yourself a little treat, so I’ve added some good ones to Fringe Supply Co. today: beautiful scissors both large and small, plus exquisite little repair hooks in ebony and bone. Of course, there are dozens of other affordable goodies in there — bentos, bone DPNs, the new Pom Pom, notched cable needles, the leather stitch marker pouch … to name just a few. And just for fun, today’s orders will all ship with a sweet little bite-sized treat. Happy Valentine’s Day!


I thought I might have an update on the Tag Team Sweater Project for you today as well, but Anna and I haven’t had each other’s yarn long enough to do much more than a lot of texting and a little Instagramming about gauge and measurements and such. The highlight this week, for me, was the “good luck mushrooms” she included with her yarn. So make sure you’re following @karentempler and @toltyarnandwool, and I’ll have more to share on the Tag Team front next week!

Have a wonderful weekend — thank you for reading!


7 thoughts on “Sweet treats for you

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Karen.
    The bone dpn’s are exquisite, I love knitting with them and have future plans to order a set in every size.

  2. i’m curious if your ebony items are sustainably harvested (i’m not sure if that’s even an option for ebony)? ebony is an endangered and is facing extinction.

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