One to watch: Alice Hammer

One to watch: Alice Hammer

First, I want to say thank-you to everyone for all the nice birthday wishes here and elsewhere. Bob and I had a really lovely time in Point Reyes — ate and drank way too much, stayed in a lovely little cottage with a heated marble bathroom floor (which was strangely compelling), and generally enjoyed some much-needed time together. I came home happily exhausted and swamped by the orders that stacked up in the 26 hours I was away. So please forgive my silence, but I’ve been catching up with my to-do list while feeling really out of touch with my own knitting and the world of knitting in general.

Last night, I sat down on the couch with the single goal of trying to reconnect — dipping into the various wells of inspiration — and I was so happy to stumble across a brand-new knitting designer, Alice Hammer. French, lovely and with a taste for slouchy-chic sweaters and pretty little hats, she just began publishing her patterns in October. You can see them all (so far and coming soon) in her webshop and on Ravelry. Her blog posts and Ravelry listings are written in both French and English, so I hope and assume the same is true for the patterns themselves. Suffice it to say, she’s off to an enticing start.


7 thoughts on “One to watch: Alice Hammer

  1. THANK YOU for this find! Slouchy-chic is “my jam.” (It’s my goal, anyway.) I’m glad you had a great birthday getaway.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Too bad the patterns are so pricey. At 12 CAD for one sweater pattern, I think it is way too expensive. As she is just starting, she might be wiser to align her prices to the average in order to sell more. I do buy patterns on Ravelry, but would not spend that amount on a new designer, and would definitely wait for more feedback on users that have tried and done the project successfully first.

  3. Oh… a happy belated birthday!!! I totally missed it!!! So sorry…
    Glad that you had a lovely time – and could get away even for just a little bit!
    And thank you for the info on this new and interesting knitwear designer… I am off to check out her stuff…

  4. I agree with “miss agnes” above. But I hope her patterns are great because that cardigan is fabulous.

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