Can I get a cable over here?

Hill Country Hat

There was a time when I thought knitters who find stockinette boring were crazy. Especially in the round? So rhythmic and non-taxing; perfect for winding down; suitable for doing while watching a movie or participating in a conversation. Who could not love stockinette?! But somewhere along the line I seem to have switched camps. If I had a sweater’s worth of worsted on hand (any worsted!) I would be in serious jeopardy of casting on Rook right now. Which is why I specifically haven’t bought yarn for it. Yet.

Anyway, I finished the two Hill Country Hats. The first one, for the gift exchange, I made slightly less slouchy.* I figured if a dude got it, he could either pull it down and roll up the brim, or wear it hipster-style. A dude did get it, and loved it, and he had the perfect height and head for it. This one, for me, I made according to the original pattern dimensions, and it’s the perfect everyday, over-the-bun, toasty-but-not-roasty hat. Now that it’s on my head, I need to turn my attention back to Slade, but I’m not sure I can face the stockinette. Might have to squeeze in a nicely complicated little cable hat in between. Or something.


– Bestsellers back in stock: thread snips, row counter, rulers, natural baskets, plus all colors/sizes of the bento bag.
– The Knitters Graph Paper Journal is proving to be wildly popular!
– There’s still one more copy of the Aged Issue of Kinfolk (issue 10). Taproot 8 is all gone, sorry.

I will be shipping on Saturday once again, FYI — last-minute Fringe Supply Co. orders still have a chance of arriving before Christmas. Of course, that’s assuming the USPS does their part. To see whether you’re in a 1-, 2- or 3-day zone, enter origin zip 94710 in the USPS Priority Mail Map. Orders received by 9am PST on Saturday will ship on Saturday. So barring USPS delays — which I have no control over — most shipments should arrive on the 24th.

AND! if you’re in or near Kaukauna WI and want to buy Fringe goods in person, pay a visit to Make.Do @ KC&T, the latest addition to the Stockists lineup.


Have a great weekend, everybody!


*The ribbing was 2.75 inches, and the total height was 6.5 inches before the crown decreases.

25 thoughts on “Can I get a cable over here?

  1. I find myself really enjoying projects with stretches of stockinetted spices with little sections of cable, lace, or complex shaping. Keeps me entertained but it’s not too taxing.

  2. Karen, I too am a 2yr knitter. Maybe there is some turn we take at about this mark; I want texture all the time now; not necessarily cables, but something other than stockinette.

    Post Happy, Happy, and Merry, Merry !!

  3. Ha, apparently a lot of us have recently reached our 2-year knitting anniversary! I’ve gotten the itch for more complicated projects as well. Unfortunately, my husband wants a new hat, and his first request was NO CABLES. *Sigh*

    • Oh, I DO! It’s just not something that (for me) can be knitted in 10-minute chunks here and there, late at night, with an exhausted brain, which is how knitting time has been for me lately. But the more stockinette I knit, the more desperate I am to pick that one up again.


  4. I have two hats to finish for presents. I’ve roved over all kinds of patterns with great delight. Bottom line at this point: no learning curves just before Christmas. I’ll do the stockinette hats for the guys with the lovely yarns and THEN play. Sigh…

  5. I love all kinds of knitting and crocheting, just depends on my mood and my life. I find I avoid anything that needs real attention when my husband (who works out of the house when he is not on location) is around or when my son or others are visiting or when I have a studio deadline. Which means, there are long stretches of the simple projects. But there are the quiet times too, and that is when I take on something more challenging. And yes, this is one of those “Duh” comments, but hey, that’s my two cents. ;-)

  6. I still like “easy” stockinette-in-the-round or garter stitch knitting, but a buttonhole here, or an increase here or there is OK, too.

    And…I just ordered a ruler from you as a little Christmas gift to me. I’m excited, as they have thrilled me ever since I saw that you had them!

  7. I’m all about mittens with fair isle right now. First attempt at both and I’m loving the challenge of making my fair isle design fit the mitten pattern. Happy knitting!

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