brb gotta turn 45

Free shipping today only at Fringe Supply Co.

I know lots of you assume I’m twentysomething (bless your hearts) and I AM! I’m also thirtysomething and fortysomething, and today I’m turning 45. I’ve gone to the Point Reyes seashore with my sweet husband, where I’ll be waking up to a beautiful view … of the perfect black tote he got for me. (Bless HIS heart!) And of Tomales Bay.

So I don’t have a proper blog post for you (and may or may not have one tomorrow either, sorry!) but I do have a little gift from me to you: Until midnight tonight PST, I’m giving you free shipping within the U.S.* on Fringe Supply Co. orders over $45. Enter code HAPPYKTBDAY at checkout.

[UPDATE: Apparently PayPal is overriding the shipping discount and I’m not in a position to figure out why! But no worries, I’ll refund any wrongly charged shipping fees this evening. So sorry for the glitch!]


*International shipping will still be invoiced separately, as always. Email for a shipping quote.

33 thoughts on “brb gotta turn 45

  1. Oh wow, Happy Birthday and have fun on your trip to the shore! And thank you for the early b’day wishes. My number would make you feel young, btw. ;-)

  2. Oh Happy Day! For all of us with you in the world. Blessings sprinkled all over your beautiful head and may your new birthday year be wonderful! Hugs.

  3. What a nice gift, I love the leather and hardware on that bag. I bet he got free shipping even before today ;) Enjoy the day!

  4. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! You are so sweet to be gifting us with free shipping!! xo

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you get some knitting done while taking in the beautiful views Tomales Bay has to offer!

  6. Happy Birthday! I like your birthday sub-division. It reminds me of something Laurie Anderson said years ago. “I have just turned forty. I don’t know if I feel more like four 10-year-olds or ten 4-year-olds.”

  7. Happy birthday!! I’m a year and a couple weeks behind you. I’m often mistaken for younger as well but I would NOT go back. I like my 40s!! Have a lovely getaway!

  8. Hellooooooooo late to the game on this one, but happy birthday! Thank you for creating such a wonderful and inspiring spot on the web!

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