New Favorites: the Churchmouse wreath

Loop stitch knitted wreath

If you ever come to visit us at Christmas time (unless you’re my niece and nephew), you won’t find a tree at our house. We’re not anti-Christmas or anything, but we don’t have kids, we do have cats. If we’re home for the holidays, we’re home alone. It just doesn’t make sense to put up a tree. It’s also a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you’re surrounded by blue skies and palm trees. And where would I store holiday decorations in the off-season anyway? But I am susceptible to the charms of a really good wreath — the more minimal and rustic the better. So this Churchmouse Woolly Wreath is a holiday knit I can get behind. Such a clever use of loop stitch, and while I love the off-white version, it’s this ultra-rustic looking brown one that really gives me the swoons. If only I had the garden gate to go with it …

p.s. If ever I were to crochet a snowflake, this would be the one.


11 thoughts on “New Favorites: the Churchmouse wreath

  1. :)))) Too fun! The gate! Oh, ya – want (and what might be behind it, too.) I think I’ll try the snowflake. I found a small ball of white, dk-weight yarn in my stash yesterday and thought I’d do snowflakes or wrap a rock or two. (This will be AFTER I finish the two Christmas hats yet to be knit, mind you.)

  2. Oh, that wreath! We don’t have a tree either (the no kids but cats combo strikes again!) but man, that wreath. I may have to knit one of those up next year. Such a great find, Karen!

  3. Nope. It’s a great wreath, don’t get me wrong. But give me full-on Christmas every time. Not over the top, but the tree and the red and green palate, etc.

  4. Honestly, I am cornfused at your rationale that Northern Cal doesn’t put you in the mood for a Christmas tree but yet inspires cable sweaters of worsted wool. Say what????!!

    Got the tree up. It is big and has lots of lights and every single decoration on it tells a story. Got three wreaths up too. Yeah, Christmas is a big thing around here. It also happens to be my birthday, so there’s that too. ;-)

    • I agree! It’s OK to just not be into decorating for the holidays. No (somewhat perplexing) excuses needed. And…if you like the wreath, though you may not have a gate, I’m assuming that you have a door that you could hang it on. Just sayin’.

  5. Cute wreath and snowflake! My floors are slanted in my old(ish) house. I put up a tree the first year I moved in, and it fell over twice- ornaments and all. I got rid of it and haven’t tried again. I miss having a tree even though my son now lives in your neck of the woods!

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