Taproot 7 is now available — knitting patterns included

Taproot 7 knitting patterns by Carrie Bostick Hoge

The latest issue of Taproot has arrived at Fringe Supply Co., and the Carrie Bostick Hoge knitting patterns are back! This time it’s a characteristically adorable hoodie-and-legwarmers set for toddlers, called Fawn. The issue is classic autumn from start to finish — spatchcocked chicken, fall gardening, spruce beer and more. Get yours right here!


9 thoughts on “Taproot 7 is now available — knitting patterns included

  1. I will definitely get this issue! I would love to make a set for my daughter. I also have to thank you as well. After drooling over all the lovely sweaters you’ve posted, I finally bought some knitting needles and now working on a garter stitch scarf for my son and then a seed stitch scarf for my daughter. Thanks again! I really love knitting!!

  2. Just picked up my first issue at Whole Foods yesterday while waiting in the checkout line. I am in love. I agree with itwasjudith, would love an adult version. Just filled my Stitch and Hammer clutch with all kinds of knitting goodies. It would actually make a great little clutch for trolling through the farmer’s markets but for now has found a new home in my knitting bag.

    • I’m so glad, Cheryl. I seriously want it in every color (and am jealous of the customer who did that). One for tools, one for a wallet/clutch, and the other one just because.

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