Scarves to start now

Scarf patterns to start knitting now!

So about that growing scarf obsession. I’m not talking about any skimpy little rectangles to flick around your neck; I’m talking about big, dramatic, shoulder-hugging scarves, bordering on “wraps” or “stoles.” Scarves that involve some serious knitting. So whether you want to be wearing one this fall or are thinking about knitting a few for the holidays, these are scarves to start now!

1. Wheaten by Anne Hanson, exquisite cables and lace (See also: Topiary and Afton)

2. Nathalie by Val LNU*, simple and effective rib-and-seed-stitch combo  (free pattern)

3. Kirkwood by Julie Hoover, love those classic cables

4. Doux by Julie Hoover, luscious yarn combo and lovely textured stitch**

5. Falmouth by Alicia Plummer, on-trend chevrons (and there’s a matching hat)

6. Isla by Carrie Bostick Hoge, good old knits and purls, even better with another repeat or two each direction

7. February by Beth Weaver, pure cable beauty with tallllll ribbed ends

8. Vermeil by Wencke Lucas, my life won’t be complete until I cast on this crazy stitch combo (in Pom Pom 6)**

9. Caribou by Pam Allen, curvaceous grid of welts (maybe?) and ribs

10. Snowflake by Joelle Hoverson, bulky with allover texture, this is probably the quickest knit on the list (free pattern)


*LNU: That’s cop-speak for Last Name Unknown. Don’t ask me how I know.

**I know, I know, I’ve featured these two before, but this list wouldn’t have been right without them.


32 thoughts on “Scarves to start now

  1. Wheaten is my krypton! I searched for months for the perfect wool… now I sit and gaze at it and wish I had time to start it. Love this post.

      • Sadly there are no local distributors in or around Toronto and I wanted to pick out the colour in person. I am in love with Gussie’s version in Opaline Tosh Merino Lite on Ravelry, and found a beautifully complex, layered option in Smoke colour Sweet Merino Lite, from Sweet Fiber. Sorry I don’t know how to link:(

  2. Ah! I see its “let’s drive ’em crazy” morning! Ok. I’m up for it. I can handle all these beautiful scarves dancing through my yarn-obsessed head! Don’t you worry… (where’s my coffee…)

  3. Gorgeous choices, Karen!

    I have made Doux, in MT Pashmina stranded with Shibui Silk Cloud. A splurge, but wow, is it heavenly! The good thing about many of these scarves is that they are unisex. If my husband reaches for them too, then I don’t feel as guilty splurging for the really lux yarn. ;-)

    FYI, I made another chewy scarf with cotton paired with the Silk Cloud and it is heavenly too.

  4. I should have known not to look at this post after seeing the title. Vermeil and Kirkwood are my top two, but they’re all stunners, and now I’m getting sidetracked and wanting to start a scarf!!

  5. What a list! I am knitting Vermeil in Osprey (nasturium) right now, and I am IN LOVE. The pattern is simple enough that I don’t need to concentrate too much, but complicated enough that I will never tire of it. I had been obsessing over that pattern as soon as I saw it in PPQ.

    • Love the idea of it in a bright color like that. I keep picturing it in army green (I have enough Shibui Merino Worsted on hand) and wondering if that would suck all the fun out of it. Need to swatch it and see.

  6. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration! I have been loving most of these for awhile but hadn’t seen Nathalie before, and I really love it!

  7. OMG! that’s really funny because, not that I’ve finished my dress, I was thinking about starting a new project, as I’m totally obsessed with the new Pompom Magazine. I think N°8 project is for me!!! ;-)

  8. I love Wheaten and also Doux. I can’t stop thinking about Doux actually so I may have to get going sooner than later. The thing that holds me back with the likes of Wheaten is the amount of BT yarn needed. I could knit a sweater with the quantity needed for that!

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  10. Hi Karen. I can’t seem to find the pattern for number 2, Natalie by Val LNU. Is it possible, please, to obtain it???

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