Dear Pam Allen: Yes, please

Apiece Apart fall 2013 cardigan-coat sweater

The bad news is: I’m still sick. I keep thinking it’s getting better, and I pump out as much work as I can while I’m riding the wave of euphoria that comes with feeling normal(ish), only to find myself getting knocked back down. It’s been two weeks today. During the first week of all this, my sweet friend Leigh sent me some links to things floating around the web that she knew I wouldn’t want to miss, including the incredible Apiece Apart cardigan-coat above (spotted in a Remodelista interview with the designers). Several other nice people have brought it to my attention since, and with good reason: Apiece Apart is always a huge inspiration but this piece is to die for.

The good news is: I just saw Pam Allen praising it on the Quince and Co blog, and she’s pondering writing a pattern for an inspired-by piece. Cross your fingers.


p.s. Thank you for the amazing response to Friday’s post. You guys really blow me away so very often.

p.p.s. There’s been a mad rush on those marked-down cedar sachets — people ordering them three, four, six at a time! Only four left at this point…

6 thoughts on “Dear Pam Allen: Yes, please

  1. Yes! Lovelovelove.

    Sorry you’re still unwell. :( It’s got to be tough running your own business when you don’t have the luxury of just resting. Hope you start to feel better soon. X.

  2. Sorry you’re still fighting the crud. I love that vest so much that I posted in a forum on rav asking if anyone knew of a similar pattern. I mean, let’s face it. That thing is not that complicated. It’s GOT to be easy enough to do something similar. I just don’t have the time or patience to figure it out!

  3. Yes, please, is right, by the way. Oh, and don’t listen to the people who said to make it shorter. And no sleeves. :)

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