I’ll be your best friend

Nikki Gabriel triangle sweater knitting pattern

This is a plea for help. And if you can help, I swear — cross my heart and hope to die — I’ll be your best friend forever.

I need this pattern. [GOT IT!]

When I first saw it on Nikki Gabriel’s blog in February, I went immediately into overdrive trying to get ahold of it. (It reminded me a little of those amazing Stella McCartney pieces, plus I’m cuckoo for construction.) (And sure, I could probably work it out for myself, but I’m lucky to have ten minutes to knit these days — I don’t want to spend it doing calculations someone else has already done.) Gabriel’s post mentioned Australian Country Spinners and linked to their site, where images of this Cleckheaton magazine cover (booklet?) appeared. It clicked through to a page showing other Cleckheaton publications but, at the time, not this one, and where none of them were for sale regardless. I found a contact form and asked if there was any way to purchase a copy to be sent to California. There came a response, which was unexpected, but it was a dead end. “The chain store selling the publication” doesn’t sell overseas. No indication even what said chain store was called. So I convinced myself to give up. I figured, you know, other things would catch my eye and I’d forget all about it. And that might have happened — in a world without Pinterest. Alas, the tease keeps crossing my digital path.

And so here we are. Me asking you whether anyone among you happens to be Down Under and has a way of getting their hands on this pattern and a willingness to send it to me. I will happily pay the cover price and postage. If there’s some simple and obvious way for me to get it myself that I have somehow overlooked in my fervor, please don’t hesitate to point it out! We can be best friends either way.

UPDATE: All the retailers I contacted are sold out of the pattern, but there’s a message from Nikki Gabriel, copied into the comments below, saying that she’ll be adding it to her online shop “very soon” and to watch her blog for the announcement. Thanks, Trisha! And thanks to everyone who chimed in below — you guys are awesome.



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  1. I would love to have this pattern too. There are sellers of these pattern books on eBay, no one is offering this particular booklet at this time, but some of them are top rate sellers, you could contact one of them and they might get it and let you “Buy it Now” I did find one Austrailian shop that offers online buying and they carry the magazine. http://blacksheepwool.com.au/australian-yarn.php

    • You’re right! They sell Cleckheaton patterns and they ship overseas. But they appear to be out of the one I want. I’ll send them a note just in case there’s one lurking in the back room or something.

  2. It’s not often that Spotlight is the source of something so covet-worthy! I’ll happily take a look tomorrow in my lunch break and pick it up for you – if it’s not in the city store I’m sure I’ll be able to get it from somewhere else as it’s new. I’ll let you know how I go [you can breathe now – the pattern will be yours!]

  3. I live in Australia, it’s probably spotlight. Happy to look into it for you. Us knitters have to stick together!

  4. I just googled yarn shops in Melbourne (where the publisher appears to be located) and several came up. How about checking for websites and contacting them to see if they have it. It might be worth it to actually write to the publisher at the address on the website.

    • All links for Cleckheaton led me back to that Australian Spinners site, which is who I got the aforementioned response from. I followed up asking for more information (like the name of the chain) but never got any further response.

  5. I will be your best friend if you could get her to send a link to purchase the pattern…what a great sweater and what a great way to use up your stash…please let us all know if you get in contact with her or anyone.

  6. Have a friend whose family lives there. He thinks they have a Spotlight store. Do you know if they carry it? Assume you have emailed the contact link at all sites.

  7. Nikki Gabriel’s blog/ website said it was available on Gather – her online store. Couldn’t find it there, but why don’t you write to her directly and get her to send it or find out where it can be located.

    • Yeah, it wasn’t in her webshop, and not sure it was even in her store. Looking at it again I see that she names Spotlight in the post (was that always there?) and I just didn’t know what that was. And since linked words aren’t colorized, I missed that it’s also a link.

      It’s not possible to leave comments on her blog or I would have done so on the spot. Makes me crazy when people have comments turned off.

      • I sent Nikki a message and she just responded. Will be available on her site soon. She said keep an eye on her blog for updates.

  8. I sent a message to the designer to see if she could help. Waiting for response. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

  9. Now that I know about Spotlight, I wondered whether it would be on their website. Gabriel had linked to their Facebook page, but I googled their site and clicked on the Shop@Home link in the nav assuming it would go to their online inventory. Sadly, not.

    To those of you in the know, Spotlight looks like a massive craft supplies chain, like Michael’s in the U.S. Is Cleckheaton something that can only be found at Spotlight, or are they also sold in independent yarn stores in that part of the world?

    • I just realized the fact that Black Sheep Wool sells them suggests that others would as well. Have sent message to Black Sheep through their contact form, and will share any response I get. If anyone knows any other Aus shops that carry Cleckheaton, please let me know!

  10. I felt exactly the same way about this pattern when I saw it! However … twenty-something triangles in and it’s languishing in an unfinished projects basket. I think it’s mainly anxiety about managing to achieve perfectly flat matching mattress stitch times a zillion, plus knitting 80 triangles has also stumped me. Plus only one unfinished project on Ravelry – I need moral support! I would love to see you knit this! I’m in New Zealand and I can get the pattern too if you need a back up plan!

    • Wait, so you’ve actually started it? 80 triangles does seem like a lot, but I’d think of it like a granny-square blanket — toss off a triangle now and then and someday you get a sweater out of it.

      • 81 to be exact … You’re right, I need to get back into it. Resist the siren calls of top-down seamless cardigans and embrace the triangles!

    • Hi – I live in Zimbabwe and this is The Most Fabulous pattern I have seen!! Would LOVE to be able to tackle it – I have a niece in New Zealand, would it be at all possible to send a copy to her? I will gladly cover costs!! I think I can manage 81 triangles – it is beautiful!! Jill

  11. Morris and Sons (www.morrisandsons.com.au) in Sydney carries Cleckheaton products — might be worth messaging them to see if they have it.

  12. After digging around, I think it’s just too early for it to be at the online stockists–it seems to be the most recent publication. Maybe some of the local Aussies can find it in the shops.

  13. Well, this is no Spotlight, but it IS a boxy, mitered-square modularly-constructed sweater pattern by Luise Roberts from the book No-Pattern Knits by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer. (Apparently aka Modular Knits or Modular Knitting.) http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sweater-3 I initially got the book from my library, and then later purchased it second-hand.

  14. Now that I’ve see it, I love it. Please let us know if you find it and if others can purchase.

  15. I was going to offer to visit Spotlight on your behalf (I’m going there this arvo to get some bits and pieces, so it would be no effort) but it seems you have others on the job. Should they all fail – unlikely! – let me know.

  16. PS: After checking on the Australian Spinners page – trawling through their list of stockists – it seems that Lincraft also might be a good option (I’m close to two Lincraft stores so, again, if all others fail, I’m happy to check them out on your behalf).

  17. I live in New Zealand and found a copy of that pattern that I can send you. Regards, Melissa.

    • Skye, that’s awesome. But uh oh, now there are two! But there were several others here saying they’d like to have it if anyone could get it. If nobody sees this and responds, I’ll go back and see who said what in what order and someone is sure to want to buy it from you!

  18. Hello Karen!
    First of all, LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    I think this sweater is amazing and i want to have the pattern too.
    I contact Nikki who told me the pattern will be available in her shop very soon.

    …in the meantime
    i will be on this side checking on your inspiring posts.
    all the best, Vânia

  19. Maybe you could use the ” Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang ” for a basic pattern and go from there.

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  22. Hi there – have you got your pattern yet? I was at my local spotlight on Saturday and I picked you up a copy of the pattern book – do you still want it? Please comment on my ravelry page if you do. Selinde

    • Hi, Andrea! Yes, I’ve got it. Posted updates to that effect at the time and am so sorry you must not have seen any of them — I feel bad that you went to that trouble for me unnecessarily!

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