Going, going, almost gone

Fringe Supply Co. ticking stripe project bag

It’s been an especially crazy week this week but my favorite kind of crazy — photo shoot crazy! I’m having Fringe HQ shot today by my friend and frequent collaborator Michele Lee Willson, — or rather, that was the plan. After all the mad preparation, it got cancelled at 10:00 last night because they closed the Bay Bridge a day earlier than we anticipated. Anyway, in prepping the space, I realized one old friend that will be (would have been?) seen in the photos will very soon be gone from the shelves, and that’s the adorable ticking-stripe Project Bag. When my friend Johanna helped me get those produced for the holiday shop last year, we were just moving as quickly as possible and worrying about bringing production costs down later. Unfortunately, it turned out to be really complicated to sew (no matter how simple it may look) and instead of future batches costing less, they were going to cost even more. So, alas, no future batches. (At least not of this design.) And the limited supply is dwindling.

I started out with quite a few more of the natural version than the ticking version, so I still have a couple dozen of each of those. But of the ticking, only 9 remain. So if you have had your eye on it, now’s the time to act.


10 thoughts on “Going, going, almost gone

  1. These are adorable bags! And I can so get that its a complicated sew. I sew almost every day and have been mulling over this wonderful design. Good luck finding an equally sweet but less labor intensive project bag! Actually, the biggest appeal for me is the notion of “project” bag. There are gazillion large grocery-size bags around but project bags? Not so many.

  2. Would it be possible to sell the pattern on-line instead of the finished bag? I’d be interested in that :)

  3. :))) I see similar thoughts to mine abound! I use a LOT of batik cottons for my Lucky Fish and Scrumbles (see my photo.) I want to make my own project bags in those bright colors for myself, as gifts and, possibly, for our gallery (my fabric stash is as good as my yarn stash.) But I can’t “steal” this design f0r making money. It needs to be something I figure out. However, if there were a pattern, I’d buy it to make gifts and for myself, you can bet on that!

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