Tools, glorious tools! And the perfect pouch for them

New Stitch & Hammer tools and pouch at Fringe Supply Co

I’m so excited to be able to post this today — especially since it looked like it might not happen this week. And I have been waiting FOREVER to share this with you—

You’ve all seen my little blue clutch that I use for my tools, which my husband gave me for my birthday last December. (Most recently seen in this morning’s post!) Well, I love it to pieces, but for this purpose I’ve also wished it was just a little bit bigger. I cram an awful lot of stuff in there. So I got in touch with the maker, the amazing Amy Tremper of Stitch & Hammer, and she made my dream come true! Today I can finally announce that this beautiful new Stitch & Hammer pouch is available at Fringe Supply Co., along with the perfect assortment of old-school tools to go in it. Check it out!


10 thoughts on “Tools, glorious tools! And the perfect pouch for them

  1. Beautiful pouches and I love the wooden needle gauge and those vintage looking yarn snips! The tan one has joined my birthday wishlist, so fingers crossed someone is feeling generous. ;-)

  2. ooh how i love the tools of this craft, these are all wonderful! and this clutch is just what i’ve been looking for. thank you so much for sourcing this karen, i’ve ordered the blue one this morning.

    i love those clover counters too, have you seen the locking version? no more worrying that it’s been accidentally clicked!

  3. Yes, my favorites are the thread snips and needle gauge/ruler, too! I too have great affection for my knitting tools and their pouch, and am always intrigued by others’. In fact, I purchased more needles/tools than yarn at the last fiber festival I went to!

    • Yes, so sorry everyone — I’m in the mountains with incredibly patchy connectivity and no way to add a note to the shop page! The blue sold out quickly but there will be more. I’m taking names of people who want them and will be able to set up the page tonight to take preorders for the next batch. I’ll post a follow-up here and will get in direct touch with anyone who has commented or emailed that they want one!

  4. OK, big thanks to everyone for the enthusiasm about this pouch. I’ve now set it up to allow orders for the sold-out navy version. As noted on the page at this point, if you want to place an order and thus put your name on one from the next batch, you can now do so, and I’ll be in touch once your order is received with an estimated shipping date.

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  6. LOVELY tools, Karen! I use a lot of my grandmother’s tools, which I love doing. She didn’t have that row counter, but I do. There is something SO SATISFYING about clicking it!

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