Packing, knitting, and Elsewhere

How knitters pack

Three things I never travel without: a denim shirt (not pictured), my big green paisley wrap, and of course, something to knit. In this case, I’m headed to the lake to find some warm weather and spend a few days with a bunch of my favorite people. So apart from some underwear, a few tank tops, and my toothbrush, what you see here is literally all I’m taking! I’ve cast on for last week’s Knit the Look hat, but instead of finding a bright yellow, or giving in to my impulse to knit it in chartreuse, I’m using this dreamy orange Shepherdess I’ve been saving since January. Prolly need a back-up project, though, right?

This little getaway means there very likely will not be a blog post on Monday. So here are some things to tide you over —

— A crowdfunding campaign worth considering: Sally Fox Cotton (and congratulations to the Saco River Dyehouse campaign)

— Super touching project: yarnbombed poet’s shack (which had a little help from FA readers Kris and MJ)

— Fun contest: Uncommon Goods winter accessory design challenge (with guest judge Meredith Crawford aka One Sheepish Girl)

— Oddities: neuro knitting and delicate woolen organs (old, but new to me!)

— Made in America: a mostly-yarn roundup by Clara Parkes

I have to admit, there might be all kinds of great stuff out there that I haven’t seen since the last Elsewhere. The loss of Google Reader has really screwed me up more than expected. So please, if you’ve seen anything you think others here would be interested in, feel free to link it from the comments! Whether it’s your own or just something you’ve seen/read/laughed or marveled at.

And have a great weekend, wherever you are!


9 thoughts on “Packing, knitting, and Elsewhere

  1. Enjoy! I’m packing, literally as I type, for a sojourn to Europe and what to take knitting-wise is consuming my thoughts. Who needs underwear ~ but if I should forget my knitting…???

  2. The Fringe Association project bags are awesome for travel. You can stick so many doodads in there along with a small project–cellphone, boarding pass, driver’s license, small wallet. I just took a trip & spent more time figuring out a quick portable project than which clothes to pack, for sure. And thanks for linking to the Poet’s Shack!

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  4. Oh, very little help from me on the Poet’s Shack. I was only in on one session! But it’s a great project. And Kris DOES LOVE your project bags and says so frequently! :)

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