WIPs for the road

Travel essentials - yarn, shoes, iPad

I am, as they say, leaving on a jet plane; don’t know when I’ll be back again. Back to blogging, I mean. I’ve given myself permission to take a little blog vacation next week, but we’ll see whether I’m able to stay away. In other words, expect posting for the next week to be somewhere between sporadic and non-existent. I will check in on comments plus Instagram and Twitter, so if you want to see pictures of my niece learning to knit or of Kansas cows (both likely), tune in there.

Traveling with me are exactly two knitting WIPs. One low-attention item, which you may have noticed is another Textured Shawl. (This one will be a slight variation on the pattern, and I’m using the Kathmandu Chunky left over from my Walpole.) And for putting the uninterrupted flight time to maximum use, my neglected Acer cardigan. Not accompanying me are any spare needles or yarn for possible spontaneous cast-ons. If I finish the shawl and need another low-attention option (not likely), I can cast on a sleeve for the Acer. One way or the other, I’m determined to make serious progress on this cardigan over the next few days.

Wish me luck!


In quick Fringe Supply Co. news, the latest issue of Taproot has landed. And please note that orders placed today (Friday) through Tuesday will ship on Wednesday. Thanks again to all the lovely patrons of FSCo. I love packing up your packages.


Be well, and I still want to hear what you’re working on …

13 thoughts on “WIPs for the road

  1. Have fun on your trip! This photo is just absolutely gorgeous! I can’t stop looking at it. I love all of your shoes :)

  2. Agreed on the shoes, I’m jealous! I an also envious of the fact that you are so well organized, and much smarter than me, as I tend to take way too much and more complicated stuff I never work on. Have a great trip, BTW!

  3. Have fun! I hope you get a big chunk of your cardigan done. I always plan on getting a lot of knitting done on trips, but I’m bad about making it actually happen.

  4. Looks like cool projects. I would take some real shoes, though. Only the comfiest pair of sandals.

  5. Safe travels Karen! I’m looking forward to your trip pictures! While you’re gone I’ll have to knit like crazy (mainly finishing the Chicane) so when you come back I’ll be able to add more of your ideas to my to-do list. Between your ideas, and Jared Flood, I never have to work to find something to knit. I love that. :)

  6. Luck! I love those project bags, too. (Ideas forming in my head… ;) I spent the last four days with my family at our childhood fishing lake (beautiful.) I drove across Wash. state so couldn’t knit (though I thought about it through the long long stretches of wheat fields.) Having a car, I brought any number of knitting projects. In the end, my second shawlette (Black Trillium yarn, red) was what I worked on during Yahtzee, poker games and conversations. I’m basing the shawlette on the Textured Shawl but didn’t pull out the pattern, just made it up. I find myself looking forward to your blog posts so much! Thank you.

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