Transformative Mods: Roko’s walnut cardigan

Hiroko Fukatsu's walnut snood and cardigan

Oh, you know how it is — you knit a cowl, you like it, you knit it up again, but this time as a cardigan. Or at least that’s what Hiroko Fukatsu (of Frida fame) did after she’d knitted the Walnut Snood pattern by Kyoko Nakayoshi. The cardigan’s shape was inspired by Michiyo’s Stranger Cardigan and Kazekobo’s Aran Cardigan. For hers, Roko left off the sleeves and simply repeated the snood’s walnut motif up the front and around the shoulders. I say “simply,” but we all know I mean wow.


Thanks to Jo for the tip on this one. And to Hiroko for the photos.

22 thoughts on “Transformative Mods: Roko’s walnut cardigan

  1. Wow, the pattern..its really amazing. Do you have an etsy or artfire store?? I would definitely like to buy that cardigan.

    • Hi TheGirl. It’s not my cardigan, unfortunately. I don’t imagine Roko will release a pattern for it, since it’s a mod to a published pattern. But you could certainly leave the sleeves off of either of the two that inspired it and get a similar look.

  2. I wish I had the patience for something that big. So far, I have graduated to shawls and ponchos…

    That cardigan is so beautiful. I would love one myself.

    • Hi, Shantier. Keep in mind how much gauge matters. There are likely fewer stitches — less overall knitting — in this little sleeveless cardigan, knit in bulky yarn, than in the average shawl or poncho. Don’t be intimidated by sweaters! Just choose your projects wisely if you have patience issues. (I have them, too, so I speak from experience on this one.)

      • I don’t know so much about knitting (it doesn’t stop me from admiring the beauty it creates) but I was looking at it from a crochet side. Even with bulky yarn that is a bit much. I have skeins for an afghan that is still sitting in the bin because I’m too scared to start! Lol!

  3. STUNNING. And a great idea! I’m always scared to do huge mods like that but there are no rules in knitting, right?!

  4. My jaw dropped and I may have actually started drooling when this image came up on Pinterest the other day. Then it was so disappointing to realise it wasn’t a pattern (not that I have the knitting chops to attempt such a thing but it would’ve been nice to daydream…) Sigh.

  5. Beautiful work from Hiroko! Echoing the others here that wished this was a new pattern release as I was ready to head over to the page to buy it as well!


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