Knit the Look: Evelina Mambetova’s baseball tee

How to knit a sweater version of Evelina Mambetova's baseball tee

This outfit of Evelina Mambetova’s is one of my all-time favorites to appear on Vanessa Jackman’s blog — a slouchy modified baseball tee and paper bag-waisted shorts? I wore almost this exact outfit when I was in high school (the Preppy years), and I would happily wear it again. Of course, the only thing better than this jersey would be a really stellar knitted version of this jersey, and that’s where pattern designer Laura Bryant comes in — with her Two-Color Baseball Tee pattern from the Spring 2013 issue of Knit.wear magazine. I would, however, knit it in a yarn that is both a natural fiber and less drapey than the recommended Tencel — either cotton or a cotton blend. How about Pickles Thin Organic Cotton DK in Hav and Hazel? Which might even give it a slightly slubby jersey look. Skip the waist shaping for a slouchier, boxier look. And even though the sweater is raglan rather than saddle-shouldered like Evelina’s tee, you could totally just stick with Bryant’s recommended contrast edging on the short sleeves, or go ahead and knit an elbow-length sleeve (or longer) in the blue. Adorable either way.


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission


In a somewhat similar vein, this week’s ICYMI is It’s all about elbow patches.

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  1. Oh, ya – this is adorable! Love those two colors together. And I looked for nubby yarns off & on this weekend – thanks for that suggestion. I’m on a mission to knit my first sweater!

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