New Favorites: Elsa

Elsa cardigan pattern by Andi Satterlund

How cute is Andi Satterlund? She’s the designer of that great two-tone sleeveless sweater in the latest Pom Pom Quarterly,* and last week she released her first ever crocheted sweater pattern, Elsa — a textured stripe-effect jacket with a zipper and nice detailing. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but for some reason when summer rolls around I get the urge to brush up on my crochet skills, and I always picture very small, short-term projects — which may be a big part of why I associate it with summer. But now I’m actually thinking of attempting to crochet a whole sweater. This is one that, if done in ivory, would fill a hole in my wardrobe left by the tragic pilling of one of my favorite cardigans ever. Do I dare attempt this?

Also: If Iz ever published a pattern for this sweater, I’d be similarly tempted. Just sayin’.


*I’m kind of surprised the additional copies haven’t arrived yet, but I promise I won’t forget to let you know when they do. [UPDATE: It’s back!] I also have the extremely enticing new Kinfolk coming any minute, so stand by for magazine alerts!

10 thoughts on “New Favorites: Elsa

  1. I agree, Andi is adorable! We are nearly sharing the same hair color at this moment too. I totally did a double take, I didn’t realize at first glance this was crocheted! Very classy, and doesn’t have that bulky look that sometimes comes with crochet. Lovely, you should do it.

  2. I always think about crocheting in the summer, too! I second that motion for a published pattern of that sweater!

  3. Karen! That sweater referenced by Iz is amazing! I think you could do it now without a pattern. 99.9999% sure that it is just plain ol’ stockinette and the texture is achieved by intentional dropped stitches. Swatching now, will email picture after I get it done!

  4. Do love Andi’s style! I agree, Summer is always when I get the urge to find out what I’m missing by only ever having attempted pretty basic crochet. One (fine) day…

  5. I adore Andi. I found her blog way back when and just feel kin to her vibe. Thanks ! Still watching for the PomPom I need to order when they get back in (woot)

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