New Favorites: Starter socks

starter socks - great knitting patterns

While I have a general and persistent wish for warmer feet, I rarely have even a flicker of a wish to knit socks. I mean, they take forever to knit and they’re generally hidden inside your shoes. And it’s not like decent socks are hard to come by. AND! I’m hard on socks! Regardless, I really should try it sometime, right?

These things give me the urge:

1. Rililie’s ridiculously cute First-Time Socks (the pattern for which is Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder) (thx, Rililie)

2. Clara Parkes’ charming Stepping Stones socks (free download; also found in “The Knitter’s Book of Socks”)

3. Purl Soho’s luscious Homespun Boot Socks

4. And most compelling of all: Pablo Neruda’s Ode to My Socks


This week’s ICYMI post is Transformative Mods: A modern spin on Flukra.


23 thoughts on “New Favorites: Starter socks

  1. I rarely wear my hand knit socks. I too am hard in them. But I enjoy knitting them. The perfect take with you project .

  2. Oh, my god. I have the same thoughts on socks. First, I am horrible with DPNs, much less tiny DPNs with fine yarn. Second, they take forever to knit. Also, when you finish ONE, you have to do it all again. Forget that magic loop thing. BUT- those First Time Socks do draw me in! I used that Neruda poem earlier this year with my students, and I brought in something that I was knitting (alas, not a pair of socks!) to show them how wonderful a hand knitted object can be.

  3. I do want to make my first pair of socks. Thanks for these great patterns! My husband does not like to wear any knits. I made him a hat, he doesn’t wear it. Oddly, he really wants a pair of socks.
    That Neruda is one of my favorite poems. Google books has a nice translation, with the original Spanish on opposing pages:

  4. How did I not know about this poem? I consider myself a Neruda fan as well – shame on me. I too dislike knitting socks. Well maybe that’s not fair – I just like knitting other things more. The few pairs that I have made I do like. Maybe this poem will inspire me to knit some more!

  5. i think once the novelty (excitement!) of knitting socks wears off a little, and i began to realize that all that lovely knitting was being hidden like you said, and getting holes! no more socks! but it’s been many years and this post, those socks you’ve shared have inspired me again. thank you, i think ;)

  6. I used to think it was so weird to knit your own socks and then I tried it. I haven’t worn store-bought socks (except for sports) in over a year. I’m hard on my socks too, but handknit ones tend to stand up better than store bought, and they feel so good. Plus, it’s the one time you’ll go to a party and not be annoyed when the host asks you take off your shoes.

    I’ve knit both Hermione’s Everyday Socks and Stepping-Stones and I’d recommend both to a first-time sock knitter. They’re easy but interesting, and fit really well. (As for time commitment, I can bang out a pair of socks in a week, and I don’t consider myself a fast knitter.) I say go for it! Your feet will thank you :)

  7. I keep thinking I’ll sign up for a class — not so much for the instruction but just to have a reason to commit to knitting a pair. Anyone want to make a pact with me or something?

  8. Cookie A makes some great sock patterns.
    I’ve knit a few pairs of regular ole socks, just to see if I could do it. I never wear them, and I actually have the second half of a pair sitting on needles waiting to be finished. I too am hard on socks, because I shuffle my feet and slide my shoes on and off without undoing the laces. I refuse to change those habits just to wear my hand knit socks.

  9. I bought the Craftsy sock class before xmas and have STILL not worked up the gumption to start. Like you say – too hard on my socks and it feels like a waste of massive effort! Maybe not the bet person to be making pacts with on this one, but the First-Time Socks are a definite temptation . :-?

  10. I’ve been completely besotted by sock knitting and, in fact, finished three pairs since the new year. I wear my hand-knit socks all the time ~ I find them warmer and cozier than my store-bought ones. I even knit a pair of Hermione’s and loved the pattern. Let me nudge you to cast on … and if you choose a self-striping yarn, you’ll enjoy the knitting even more!

  11. I have knit 2 pairs of socks – my 2nd ever knitting project was a pair of socks and I cannot tell you how much I love them! There is something completely luxurious about wearing hand knit socks, they are so much warmer and snugglier on your feet. I don’t mind that they are hidden in shoes – this just adds to my smugness of wearing hand knit socks :) I have to say I do have 2nd sock syndrome though – knitting that 2nd one just kills me and let’s just say I’ve had some issues with different sizes…odd sock for a Hobbit anyone? I’m currently knitting 2 at a time magic loop and it is just ingenious! They say by knitting 2 at a time you save 50% of time off that pesky 2nd sock.

  12. Lovely patterns! I didn’t dare knitting socks either until February and I loved it ! It’s a small project so you can take it with you everywhere. I feel like it’s a really rewarding type of knitting because you can finish it really quickly, it’s useful and inexpensive. But you have to choose an appropriate yarn. Enjoy your next project whether it is a sock or not !

  13. I love knitting socks! I find them relaxing, pretty, and the perfect antidote for my sock yarn addiction.
    But I very rarely wear shoes that require socks.
    I’m an odd soul.

  14. I don’t think I am in jeopardy of second sock syndrome, just because I love to make fingerless mitts so much and never feel that way about the second one. But who knows!

    It’s great to hear so many views on this one!

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  16. Oh…. I just saw my feet (in my socks luckily) on your site!!!!
    What an honour to be featured on your lovely site… I am very happy
    ….and I have very proud feet at this very moment ;)
    Thank you Karen!!!

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