One more thing!

No.6 Old School Clogs and socks

I can’t believe I did a post about things that make me want to make socks and left out the photo above, which comes from the No.6 blog. I can’t even tell you how many times I have looked at this image in the past week or two. I want the clogs desperately — No.6 Old School Clog on Mid Wedge in Desert. (I recite that phrase in my sleep.) (Have I told you my childhood clogs sob story?) But — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — I want to wear them with sweet little footie socks. Handmade, of course. I have an ultra chic, super petite, Japanese floral designer neighbor who wears little colored socklets with pointy flats, so you just barely see the edges of the socks poking out. The idea of a hipster/hippie clog variation on her look amuses me greatly.

Good footie sock patterns, anyone?


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    • The images aren’t loading on the Tosh page for that, and I’m not sure I’m interpreting correctly (reading in a bit of a hurry). Do they stop short of a heel — just covering the foot and toes? I keep thinking I need something like that for my loafers. The store-bought ones I have aren’t warm enough for my studio.

  1. you’ve inspired me to try & find my vintage pattern booklets of sock patterns… usually i get one sock done & the other gets forgotten

  2. We have been using the Churchmouse Turkish Bed Socks in the new Shibui multi sock colors like 50’s Kitchen, Roppongi, Spectrum and Orchid. May we suggest checking out Phydeaux Designs sock yarns too! Brenda has some fantastic colors to choose from.

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