March, thanks and Elsewhere

irish mesh cowl fancy tiger dresses heidi kirrmaier and sarai mitnick

Happy March already! And I mean happy. It’s Friday, we’re days away from Daylight Savings time, and an astonishing number of people read Fringe Association in February. So I want to say a huge heartfelt thank you, again, to everyone who likes the blog well enough to not only read it day after day, but to help spread the word about it. Every link, tweet, pin, fave, etc really means so much to me. I can’t say that enough.

Speaking of spreading the love through linking, it’s been awhile since we had an Elsewhere, so here we go:

— Seasonally appropriate in every way: My beloved friend and knitting mentor Jo Strong has published her (free) Irish Mesh Cowl pattern. (I have a couple of hanks of green Manos on hand and am wondering how this would look at aran gauge.)

— Loved Fancy Tiger’s QuiltCon recap, plus their lead-up posts on the dresses they made to wear to the event. This one is my favorite. Or maybe this one.

— Great interview with designer Heidi Kirrmaier on the Quince blog.  Plus back-to-back interviews with Gudrun Johnson and Ysolda Teague at Amirisu.

Crazy. (via)

Another yarn portrait at Design Sponge. (This time hung on the wall; see the second photo.)

— Thought-provoking post by Sarai Mitnick on the decline in quality of mid-range clothing.

— The jewel-encrusted beanie rage continues.

— Etsy blog on the Master Knitter program. (Who knew?)

— And I’m thankful to Stephanie Madewell at Even Cleveland for this Pippi Longstocking quote.

FYI, with regard to that cardigan conundrum, I cast on Acer the other night. Don’t forget to share what you’re working on this weekend. Inquiring minds want to know …


19 thoughts on “March, thanks and Elsewhere

  1. Love the blog!!! This weekend I am concentrating on Celeste Young’s A Sensible Shawl; love the pattern , don’t love the yarn–acrylic for an allergic to wool sister who loves my handmades, a Big Rubble for me, and a to be cast on Rosebud, 2nd time, but first in Shelter!
    Have a great weekend; my first without a snowstorm in awhile.

    • I’ll have to look up that shawl, but that’s very kind of you to knit with acrylic for your sister. Big Rubble and Rosebud are two of my favorites.

  2. Oh wow, you featured my Irish Mesh Cowl!!!! I’m thrilled and honored to be on your “Elsewhere Friday”.
    And think it would look great in a aran gauge. Go for it………
    Love and thanks

  3. Karen!

    I love your blog so much! Ive been obsessively following for about a month I think? I love your aesthetic, and your ability to make geeking out about knitting relatable. This was such a great post and I look forward to more of them. That article about mid range clothing is great. My husband and I are probably considered lower middle class, he works full time and I stay home with the little one. It is so hard for me to find flattering/quality clothing on our budget..especially that meet my standards since I am interested in the quality of the fabric/craftsmanship/etc. That’s why I’ve started sewing and making my own things, it’s the only way that I can have the things that I want at the level of quality I find satisfactory. It’s been great, hard and great but reading blogs like yours with a bit of a kindred spirit is so inspiring! Thanks for such great posts!

    • I’m routinely amazed at what people will pay for poorly made polyester clothes.

      And yes, I really want to sew more this year. I have a hard time making space for it — mentally and literally.

  4. Can’t wait to see the Acer in progress! I also found your blog earlier this year and love your eye. The patterns you pick are so wonderful.

    This weekend, I’m patiently waiting for a sweater I just blocked to finish drying (Julie Hoover’s Beaubourg, and cast on for a much smaller sweater ( which is flying by. Nothing more gratifying than knitting teeny garments after finishing an adult-size one.

    • Oh I love Beaubourg. I’ll keep an eye out for yours on Ravelry.

      I’m sure Acer is going to take me an eternity. I’ve been working on it here and there this week and haven’t even finished the waist ribbing (192 stitches/row). Once I get to the charts, it’ll be the rare occasion that it gets picked up, because it’ll require my full attention. But I got sort of giddy when those charts came out of my printer, so I’m looking forward to it, no matter how long it takes.

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  6. I recently bough some Lorna’s Shepherd worsted in Cookie A’s Deep Dark Secret (I have this colour in sock yarn and loved it) but in worsted it’s sometimes more royal blue than navy. I was going to use it for an Effortless Cardigan ( but have decided it will look way too frumpy in this colour.

    Anyway the point is that I love the Acer cardigan too and am pondering how it will look in the blue… Also tempted by Isabel Kraemer’s Alpengluhen (

    PS I’m the international who snuck through your ordering system :)

    • Oh, hi! Didn’t make that connection.

      I think a blue Acer would be great. My favorite one is actually the lilac one on the pattern page. But I love dark blue and think everything looks good in it. I also love that Isabel Kraemer pattern and have it on my to-knit list.

  7. I’ve been following your blog for a while (and follow you on pinterest and just now on Ravelry because – why not?). Count me as another fan of your aesthetic; you have an eye for elegant minimalism and craftsmanship that has been really inspiring to me and I thought I’d come out of the woodwork to say thank you, so thank you!

    Re: the master knitter program, I’ve known about that for a while. My knitting group talked about doing it a few years ago and becoming a guild instead of just a group, but we all decided we’re happy with our uncertified status – none of us are serious designers so I guess it doesn’t really make sense for any of us to get certification. And the guild thing was too formal for what we wanted as a group. I started spinning in 2010 – there is a master program for that as well, through Olds College ( There must be European programs/certifications too … anyway, happy weekend!

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