The next big hat trend — but what’s it called?

Victoria Beckham giant knitted hat

Is there a name for this kind of Russian-y rolled-brim beanie? The mega version above was worn by half the models at the Victoria, Victoria Beckham show, but I’ve been noticing them popping up here and there. Witness the bright pink one on street-style darling Miroslava Duma, and the vintage YSL green number on Refinery 29’s Christine Barberich. I don’t think I’ve ever stumbled across a pattern, so if nobody beats me to it, I might have to work one up. Because I’m telling you: all the rage next year.


23 thoughts on “The next big hat trend — but what’s it called?

  1. Knitted hats were EVERYWHERE on the runway this season! I always say I can’t wear hats because my head is too big, but maybe this is the way for me to go! I think I saw a pattern somewhere…I’ll see if I can find it, but I am SURE yours would be better!

  2. If you get your hands on a pattern, would you please share it – I’d love to have it. I’m just returning to knitting and this could be a good re-entry project for me!

  3. twinkle handknits chunky would have been perfect for this! I think its discontinued…OR purl bee’s new super soft merino!

  4. If you do get your hands on a patten, MJ, please do share! I’m just returning to knitting, and this would make a fine re-entry project! Yx

    • Right, but they’re even more like the classic fur-brimmed hats (like the one on Lindsey Wixson the other day). I imagine them on the Doctor Zhivago characters who couldn’t afford fur. (Like women who had to wear cloth coats in the days when that symbolized something.)

  5. I’m excited for this!!! I just designed a chunky hat that I’ve been wearing every day for the past two weeks. I feel like a trendsetter!

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