Next of the best of Pre-fall 2013: Carven

carven pre-fall 2013 mohair hand-knit turtleneck sweaters

Speaking of Carven, Guillaume Henry’s Pre-fall 2013 collection is the first to make my heart race a little bit. And not just for the sweaters, but yes, the sweaters. There are a couple of great black cabled beauties. But I have to tell you, the only thing I love as much as a great sweater is a great jacket — and this collection pairs beautifully colored, hand-knit, mohair turtlenecks with jackets I’d kill for. That sweater on the right has me especially curious. The cuff is a different color than the neck, and it looks like there may be some colorwork on the front. So I’ll be watching for images of the sweater on its own in late summer. (Also, may I please have this dress?)


5 thoughts on “Next of the best of Pre-fall 2013: Carven

  1. Egads! I’m loving all of this but would put in a special request for the *legs* to go with such beautiful skirts. Maybe the dress is more attainable after all :)

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