Split hem fever

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My long-suffering Walpole is still waiting for me to finish its collar and graft its armpits, but I’m close enough to be thinking a lot about what the next sweater is. I know I’ve been on about this particular mental debate before, but despite how much I really need cardigans, it seems the thing I’m longing most for right now is a killer ivory pullover — Aran or otherwise. And the images that keep running through my mind are the ones above, with the fabulous split hems. (See also Jo’s wonderful rendition of Big Rubble, wherein she added a split hem and contrasting hem tack detail.) Also fixating on the neckline on this beauty, worn by Kate Moss Magdalena Frackowiak (looking for all the world like a young Kate Moss). I have a pile of natural (undyed) Malabrigo Chunky, and I intend to use it. So what I’m envisioning is: slightly oversized, starting with the proportion of the crewneck; top-down, for easy improvisation; possibly some combination of seed stitch and a couple of cables on the front; split hem.

I’m still sworn not to cast on until the cardigan is seamed, blocked and drying. Dammit.

LEFT: That’s a Carven sweater and Stephen Sprouse dress on Daphne Javitch, photographed by Natalie Joos at Tales of Endearment. (Why am I not surprised this image traced back to there, land of remarkable sweater pairings?)

RIGHT: I can tell you that this is a blogger named Margarita Myl, and that her pants and boots are apparently Zara. (Additional view here.) The origins of the sweater and photograph(er) I was not able to discover. If you know where it comes from, please let me know.


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  1. Yes to split hems and cables! I’m looking at Lemongrass by Joji (Ravelry) as a jumping off point. Thanks for your inspiring posts. I always discover something new in your creative space.

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  3. SOOOO love a split hem. Recently pinned some…Philip Lim and Rag and Bone are two I can think of off hand.

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