First of the best of Pre-fall 2013

thakoon addition pre-fall 2013 sweaters

Thus far, I gotta say, the pre-fall collections have been generally pretty underwhelming, and shockingly short on knitwear. Thankfully, there’s Thakoon Addition, routinely one of the best sources of inspiring knits. I love this series of sweaters — two with their subtle geometric fields of yarnover holes on the yoke, and three with the leather touches. And while I would never wear those knitted sweatpants in public,* after running around SF in the rain all day Saturday without an umbrella, I would have loved to have had them to come home to.

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*I have a strict policy against any clothing that gets saggy in the butt over the course of the day. Never a good look.

3 thoughts on “First of the best of Pre-fall 2013

    • Iz, I’ve been thinking you hadn’t posted in such a long time and wondering about you, and just saw that I missed a post! Will say so over there, too, but wow! that stuff is gorgeous.

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