Important addenda and updates!

double basketweave cowl free pattern pdf

Fans of the Double Basketweave Cowl rejoice: There’s now a free PDF of the pattern. You can download it from the original blog post or from Ravelry. Or if you’re attending the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in SF (I am!), you can pick up a hard copy at the Sincere Sheep booth. And of course, every time you fave it, tweet it, queue it or pin it, an angel gets its wings!

Also, we’re so pleased with the shop and the response to it, we’ve decided to extend the dates. Instead of closing up for the holidays on Saturday night, we’ll remain open until Wednesday, December 19th, at 9 pm PST. (Our final shipments, for this session, will go out on the 20th.) So you have a few more days to shop. Note that we’re offering the beautiful bushel baskets at a discount until closing day ($38 for the set, on sale from $49). And for any order henceforth that includes Sincere Sheep Luminous yarn, we’ll include a hard copy of the cowl pattern. I personally think a Fringe project bag — either natural or ticking — plus two skeins of Luminous and the accompanying cowl pattern would make a spectacular gift. Right? But keep in mind we ship via UPS Ground, so don’t delay — especially if there’s a lot of ground between you and California.

Thanks so very, very much to everyone who’s ordered from Fringe Supply Co. Like I said, we’re very encouraged — especially with the response to the project bags — and will definitely be reopening, with expanded offerings, in early 2013. Meanwhile, we’d love your feedback on the shop, the shopping experience and the products. While order-taking goes on hiatus, the FSCo site will remain up and you can always get in touch with us — either here or through the contact page over there. We’d really love to hear from you, whatever you might have to say!

Now where were we? Oh, right — pre-fall images are starting to come in! Stand by for my erudite reactions …


6 thoughts on “Important addenda and updates!

  1. Whew, I’m so relieved that you’re going to keep the pop shop open for a few more days! I’ve got to get my order in!!!! Thanks for the cowl pattern … it’s lovely. ; )

  2. I have been drooling over the yarn and yarn baskets in your shop since it opened. I’m so glad to hear that it’s been so popular and look forward to it opening again next year (perhaps with the option of international shipping hint hint hint ;-P)

    • International shipping is on our wish list, as well. We’ve got some kinks to work out with regard to our costs on domestic shipments, and then we’ll work out how to ship across seas and borders!

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