Walpole forward and back

walpole chunky cardigan knitting in progress

Deciding what to do with the sleeves for this chunkified Walpole cardigan was not easy. I love the wide, unshaped sleeves of the original pattern. But I also know how many big, cozy, wonderful, shawl-collared sweaters I’ve given away over the years for the sole reason that the sleeves — while looking fabulous — were forever in the way. So I decided to do a very slightly shaped sleeve that cinches in at a longish cuff. And I’m really happy with the way it’s looking. What I’m less happy with, now that I’ve got it on waste yarn (er, baker’s twine) and can properly measure it, is the proportion of the sweater body. I did only minimal waist shaping but I’m wishing I’d done none. I’m not sure how much additional width I’ll gain when the twisted rib detail running up the front relaxes in blocking, but I think it’ll still be smaller than I want this sweater to be. So there’s a good chance I’m ripping it back to the first decrease.


8 thoughts on “Walpole forward and back

  1. Wow, Karen, that’s beautiful! I’m sorry about having to rip it back, but from here, it’s simply wonderful. I love the change you made to the sleeves too, you’re so right about those. That’s the one reason I’ve put this project on hold for a bit….the wide sleeves.

  2. If it’s not feeling right now, I think you’ll kick yourself later if you ignore your gut feeling.
    That aside…this is just so lovely. It’s going to be amazing!

  3. Yeah, what I don’t want to do is finish it and promptly have to find someone to give it to because it doesn’t quite fit. This, of course, is why I’m such a devotee of top-down, but I’m too interested in all the many construction techniques of the world not to try other things!

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