Jo Gordon and the “wrong” side of the knit

jo gordon lice dot knitted scarf

There have been a lot of images of Jo Gordon knits floating around Pinterest lately, but this Dot shawl (via Nicole Dupuis) was the first one to stop me in my tracks. I’m always seeing people touting “completely reversible” stitch patterns and I find it mildly perplexing, since most stitch patterns, to me, look equally interesting from both sides. But I’m weird. Regardless, I love love love the embrace of the “wrong” side with this scarf. The “lice” pattern, as it’s known, where individual stitches float in a field of a contrasting color, obviously requires a lot of carrying that second color on the back and up the sides of the work. But, done neatly, that’s an interesting pattern unto itself. So why not show the world both sides, and let the two different patterns play off each other? It’s divine.

(Also, I am totally knitting a headscarf. ASAP.)


3 thoughts on “Jo Gordon and the “wrong” side of the knit

  1. Divine, indeed. Love that headscarf. Pinned it from you. LOVE. (Alas, my head is too big for any type of head adornment.)

    • I’m determined that there must be SOME style of headwear that would work for me. And the same must be true for you. We just have to figure out what it is.

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