Celebrating year one: A giveaway, some highlights, and a whole lot of thanks

one year anniversary yarnover.me to fringe association

So I can hardly believe it, but this Sunday marks one year from the day I launched a little blog called (at the time) Yarnover.me, kicking it off with a post about that crazy-wonderful image I still haven’t been able to find the source of. But “crazy-wonderful” is a pretty good adjective for everything that’s transpired in the meantime.

Somehow there were five whole readers that first day, and at this point pageviews are, well, vastly more than that and doubling from one month to the next. Which is extremely rewarding given that it’s due entirely to word of mouth. The rapid growth rate also means there are a lot of people reading today who haven’t been around very long. (Welcome!) So because of that, and because I’m a huge data nerd who thinks some of you might find it interesting, I thought I’d share a few highlights.

The most popular posts — i.e., the five that have garnered the most views:
1) Knitting in code (the Morse Code cowl pattern)
2) Holiday knitting cheat sheet: A hat for every head
3) Fast, easy and warm: Jumbo Stitch Cowls collection (more free cowl patterns)
4) Things that make me want to crochet
5) Super Simple Mitts (free mitts pattern)

Some of my favorite posts, in no particular order, for those who may have missed them:
Q’s for Isabell Kraemer, the human sweater-knitting machine
— the whole Tootsie Toasters extravaganza
A tie for Evan?
The other breed of colorwork
— and my all-time favorite, Street styling Elizabeth Zimmermann
(My overall favorite thing to do is also your overall favorite thing to read: New Favorites. Plus all the runway stuff. My most enduring blog crushes are Vintage Jared Flood and Wiksten.)

The most-clicked external links (from the hundreds upon hundreds I’ve posted), all found in the wildly popular hat roundup:
1) Milanese Lace Topper free hat pattern — far and away the hottest single link of the year
2) Bayard hat pattern
3) Chunkeanie free hat pattern
4) Snöflinga hat pattern
5) Spirograph headband pattern

The top five commenters — one old friend and four news ones, thanks to the blog:
1) MJK
2) Sarah
3) Jo
4) projectstash
5) Heather

I’m singling them out (and hoping they don’t mind) because you should check out their blogs (and encourage MJK and Jo to start one) but also because, as a thank-you for all the interaction, Johanna and I are sending each of them one of our “High-Fiber” tote bags from the Fringe Supply Co. webshop, a very big milestone in the life-so-far of Fringe. So if your name is on that list, expect an email from me. Same goes to From the Purl Side, who coincidentally posted the 1000th comment yesterday.

But wait, there’s more!


We’ve got one more tote earmarked for a giveaway to a new commenter. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment below, before Midnight PST on Sunday the 9th, saying hello and telling me what your favorite post (or series of posts) has been and why. (Non-contest-related comments are also welcome!) The winner will be chosen at random and announced here early next week. International commenters welcome.


Speaking of Fringe Supply Co., because we’ve especially loved packing up those orders that amount to a Fringe sampler platter, and in honor of the anniversary, we’ve put together a Gift Set at a special price. The set contains 1 tote bag, 1 project bag, 1 jumbo cedar sachet, 1 packet of stitch markers and 1 packet of enclosure cards, and is priced at just $52! That will be available as long as we’ve got the inventory to support it (or until we close for the holidays on the 15th, whichever comes first).


Bottom line: From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading. And stay tuned — there’s lots more to come!


23 thoughts on “Celebrating year one: A giveaway, some highlights, and a whole lot of thanks

  1. I love reading informative posts like this and seeing what other people are clicking on. I am so glad I was introduced to your blog! I enjoy your sense of style and writing so much. It both inspires me to try to do something with mine, and intimidates me.

    Favorite post – a tough one, but I’ll go with My First Sweater. I loved how you wrote about it. For series, I pick My new favorites – it always makes me think.

    I’m guessing MJK is the person who introduced me to you – regardless though, congrats to MJ and all the rest!

    • You know, I’ve still never worn that sweater. I don’t know if I’ve said this on the blog, but I really need to rip out the ribbing at the hem and redo it — as is, it bunches up where it runs into the waist of my jeans. One of these days maybe I’ll get back to it …

  2. Congrats on your first year! I love posts where you share your personal projects, I just get a kick of out of seeing what other bloggers are making and why :)

  3. MJ sent me into the world of knitting, & she continues to send me to wonderful places within that world, like here! (Note: she did this before she was touted as #1, which she is in a lot of other ways too, to show my the Fringe Supply Co.) Since I’m new to the blog, today’s post is a great way to get acquainted. I love the Morse Code Cowl. When adding it to my favorites on Rav, I saw the Fuck Cancer Cowl, & clicked through to that entry. I suffer through chronic daily migraine & I’d like to make one, with some kind of statement of toughness/bold defiance. But I’d have another too, with a more zen-like mantra, like Just Breathe or something. Maybe switch depending on my mood!

  4. Well, my goodness! Thanking you in advance and you know I will cherish the tote bag.
    I always enjoy seeing what you are knitting and the progression of your items.
    And thanks for introducing me to Jo Gordon. Her web site sucked me in the other day and I spent a great deal of time seeing the possibility of knitting a few of her items.
    And keeping a non-shopper up on the latest knitting styles.
    Wishing you much success in the coming year!

  5. OMGosh, Karen!!!! I will be honored to carry that tote, thank you so much!!! I love it, I really do. It’s a great design. Yay!!

    I’m so happy, but I should be sending you presents since you’re the knitter that’s inspired me this year. Without you, there’s no way I would have tried the new things I tried. NO way. I am so grateful for that. You and your blog…and your style…have inspired me like you wouldn’t believe. Thank you SO much for the tote, and for a fantastic year. It’s been enlightening and fun!

  6. What a thrill – thanks so, so much for letting me be a part of your celebration! I’m such a fan of your blog & always look forward to your new posts. Thanks for your creativity and spirit and cheers to another great year of sharing our mutual passion.

  7. Congratulations…what a great year you’ve had. I love your personal project posts and your roundup posts such as the Christmas hat post. Such fabulous writing and inspirational pictures. And congratulations on your shop. Here’s to the next year and continued success.

  8. Congratulations! Reading your blog is part of my everyday routine. My favorite posts so far have been the holiday cheat sheet and street styling Elizabeth Zimmermann. I love the inspiration I get from your blog.

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  10. Thanks so much, everybody, for all the kind words and feedback. And more for being here and enjoying the blog. I’ll pull a name out of a hat tonight and let you all know who gets the tote!

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