Two of my favorite compound adjectives

brown back bay poncho capelet in progress

Two of my favorite compound adjectives: top-down and super-bulky. A garment takes shape so quickly it almost feels like cheating.

This thing is going to be luscious — assuming I can track down enough yarn. I idly thought the four skeins of Blue Sky Bulky I had on hand would be enough, forgetting they’re only 45 yards each. Oops.


3 thoughts on “Two of my favorite compound adjectives

  1. You guys, here’s the thought that just ran through my mind: “Hm, that Blue Sky Bulky is really expensive, especially for the yardage. Good thing I got those four skeins on sale, but geez, how much AM I going to need, and what’s THAT gonna cost me?” Did a little math, had a little heart attack, realized I’m going to have to take a more creative approach. I’m glad I’ll have the insanely soft Blue Sky up around my neck, but I’ll have to do a little color blocking (switching to probably a silvery grey) and knit the lower 2/3 of it in a more economical yarn.

    Another dramatic episode in the Impulsive Knitter sagas.

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